Where Everybody Knows Your Name...

Sometimes I wonder why I love blogging so much.  I take a step back and wonder why I invest so much time and effort into posting and connecting with other bloggers.  I always come back to the same three things...

1.  It makes me feel sane.  It makes me feel like I am a grown-up with grown-up thoughts and opinions and grown-up people out there listening.  It makes me collect my thoughts and often glorifies the minutia which is my life at the moment.

2.  It makes me money.  Well, not really.  not yet.  Well, kind of, if you consider photography, blogging has been very helpful making money.  However, I don't think the photography buiz needs the amount of blogging I do.  Besides the fact, the photography buiz has its own little blog, and website.  So, I'm back to making very little money off this little blog considering the amount of time and effort going into it.  So why all the work?  I intend to make money somewhere down the road...most likely NOT as a world famous blogger.  Most likely AFTER the kiddos are all in school in a few years.  Most hopefully working for some wonderful establishment like Fine Gardening or BHG or David Austin.  I want to have a portfolio set and ready to go when my time comes to jump back into the workforce.

3.  Everybody knows your name.  Huh, what?  When you are a blogger, you meet friends.  You meet new friends and you connect with old friends and you get to know everyone deeply.  You feel like you are stopping by the corner bar in Cheers every afternoon when you log in to check out your reader.  Especially for we bloggers that hate the phone and are introverts.  Blogging is a social outlet for us that we would otherwise not have at all.  We would just be writing in our journals.  Blogging lets our friends peek into our journals.

...and the old friends?  This might be the best part of blogging.  The connecting with friends from high school and college...like facebook, except you are fully fleshing out a thought and sharing your opinion, your point of view, your life with your friends.  If it weren't for blogging, I never would have gotten as close to Amy or Meg or Jess again.  I probably would not have talked to Leah about our gardens so much...(check out these seedlings from Leah's garden, btw...can this girl grow or what?)

These are a few of her winter sown containers...awesome, huh?

Back to my point though...without blogging, I would not have met Darlene...

or Kara...

I would not have an outlet that I so desperately need in this season of my life.  
I am so thankful to have a place I can be creative and social, a place where I can speak freely at whatever speed I want to.  
I am thankful to have a voice and thankful to have a community.

Why do you blog?  
Does it benefit you financially?  Socially?  Do you blog for your own mental health or is it just a way to meet new friends?  
Please share!


jandjhome said…
I love this post. It's funny, i was telling my sister yesterday about the fact that my blog makes me wake up 45 minutes earlier than I actually have to. I asked her if I was crazy. I love it that much. I started blogging to try to distract myself from some pretty devastating infertility. It has been a blessing. I look forward to writing, reading, and creating. I never knew I had this in me. I would love for it to go somewhere financially, but I'm not worried about that yet. I guess it's saved me money in therapy :)
"saving money on therapy" cracks me up :) I use that excuse for lots of things! ...but it is probably true...

Meg, you are welcome :) :) I love reading your blog Meg...your heart for God is so clear and beautiful in your writing and I love your multitude Monday posts...they are blessings in themselves!
Cute post! I originally started blogging to keep my out of state family up to date. BUT then I found my niche and started blogging more about things I love and that I find real interest in!

I'm glad I found you too!
jess said…
amy...you're sweet. :-)
and i love blogging for reasons numero 1 and numero 3! the connections w/ others i had during my first few years of blogging--i grew and learned SO MUCH. and now, i'm thankful for those friendship & older friendships (like you!) now during these crazy early days of mamahood!

your number 2 is fabulous!! that's what i love about you!! you're so...GO FOR IT. That's so not me...but i've always loved the dreamer (and go-getter!) in you!!
Laura said…
I blog because I hate the phone and I'm an introvert. I blog because I need something for ME -- that helps me stay sane in this world that's all about the kids. I blog because it keeps my creative juices flowing. And helps me collect my thoughts and make sense of them. I get up early because I love blogging so much too!! ;)

I want to make deeper connections {#3} but haven't really found the readers that understand all of the above. There are plenty of moms that don't get it. They wonder why I waste my time. They wonder how I HAVE time to blog.

I love A Nest for all Seasons!! Thank you for this post and for doing what you do!! And loving it!
I so love this post. it speaks to me!

I blog with the goal to document my kid(s) milestone and to update my long-distance family and friends from Philippines and Japan. Since we move here in the US, blogging became my most anticipated adult interaction, because I have very minimal of that in here! Blogging, then, became that which keeps me sane.
Lori said…
I definitely blog for the new friends!! I get lots of encouragement from my blog and it's just a way for me to get things out there - just out of my head ya know??? Great post!
Diane said…
I am hoping to make some money off of mine some day too. For now I am enjoying a few freebies and meeting lots of new friends. :O)