What is a Nest for all Seasons?

Way back in 2007, on 7-31 I started this blog.

Nowadays, everyone has some sort of nest or bird or avian paraphernalia on their blogs.   Back in 2007, bird watchers weren't very cool.  I think I picked the name because

1)  I needed a name for this little blog.  I wanted to have online outlines for a design class I was teaching instead of power point.  The systems at the campus and my system at home didn't mesh, and I wanted a consistent place I knew I could find all of my material.  Enter a blog.

2)  I've always liked the changing of the seasons.

3)  I was pregnant for the first time and the concept of "nesting" was new to me, but I was very much immersed in it.  A nest seemed an appropriate name since it was all I could really think about...clean the nest, organize the nest, fold every little tiny white onesie perfectly and feather that first little nursery down to the last detail.

So luckily, the name has grown with me.  I'm still (ever) creating a nest, re feathering, re fluffing, re working, revising...and of course, I still am a fan of seasonal change, but the meaning of my name has changed.

You see, I think I've grown up (at least a bit).  When I think of the seasons in our nest, it is not so much about the leaves falling and the bulbs springing up from the ground, but more about the good days and the bad days.  This blog is a way to celebrate the great and laugh at the worst and while the name is a little long, and a little cliche, it fits :)  So where did your blog start?  What does your name mean?

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Chas said…
I think it a perfect name!
I've been reading your blog and absolutely love it! I'll have to come back for more so I've become your new follower. Thank you for your comment and compliment on my photo.
meg said…
i love the name, too amy! it fits your blog perfectly :) "my cup runneth over" was a quote from one of my fav movies: hope floats. as well as (obviously) scripture. at good ole cedarville, my roommate and bff would say it to each other alot at night before we went to bed. awwwww. :)
jandjhome said…
It is a perfect name. Your home is your nest. Love that.
Hannah said…
You have such a lovely blog! That's why I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award :)
I think 'A nest for all Season' is a very interesting name, very appropriate for your blogging style and content.

I started with the name 'Charmed Life' and then to 'Life's a Charm!' when I started a domain. I wanted a positive blogname with the word 'charm' on it!