Waning and Waxing.

Can you tell what these are?

A clue?  They started out like this:

Shiny, gold circle thingys that have been junking around with my random hardware stock waiting for a little beautification.  
So, inspired by the waning and waxing of the moon, they all got a little variation of this:

Now please don't get technical on me...I don't actually know anything about the actual moon waning and waxing.  
I know there is fault to be found in the actual sequence of "moons", so if it bugs you, 
just imagine this piece was inspired by eyeballs instead.

The "canvas" is a leftover cabinet door via IKEA.

What have you been hoarding in your hardware boxes?


Grace said…
You'd love what my husband hordes but once I sent you in we may never find you again as you'd be going through numerous sheds and the attic.
I think of you often and have considered taking a video around and posting on my blog...What would Amy do with this? Hey that may be good idea!!!
i hoard on clean empty containers, jars, cans - not exactly hardware stuffs, and don't know what to do with them.
but your jars project did gave an idea on what to do with the jars, when I have the time ...
Grace - I would relish the chance to go through your garage :) haha! What would the hubby think?!?!

Charlotte - can't wait to see what you come up with!! :)
Cindy said…
Loved this idea...we are homeschoolers, so I can see this as a definite project when learning about the moon, it's cycles, and it's effects on the earth! Love God's Creation!
That is so neat... what a great beautification project! :) I am so glad you joined us for 'studio sneak peek' on (in)courage this week. I would love to have you join our weekly studio parties on my blog! :)
amy--too cute! I just went through my hardware stash last weekend to organize it....too much stuff! More than I will ever use!
thanks for linking up to catch as catch can!