Repurposing a Spoon Rack

I love love love these kind of projects.  Lately, when I go to the thrift store, or a yard sale, or anywhere there are good clearances, I have stopped looking for pretty things.  You see, even the thrift stores have picked up on what sells quickly and what everyone wants for "repurposing" projects.  Ball jars used to be 10 cents.  Now they are $1 because everyone wants them.  Right?  Have you noticed this?  Everything you want to grab for cheap suddenly has a bit higher price than you were expecting?  Well, the thrift stores want to make $ too, so more power to them, but I have changed my strategy lately to look for the ugliest thing, marked way way way down.  I look for the thing that I remember everyone having...the thing no one wants anymore.  Why?  I'd like to attempt to find new ideas (even though there are none), unique inspiration (does this exist??) and a cheaper pricetag (doable!).

Lately, I've been swooping in on those old 50's bill organizers with hooks on the bottom for keys and reworking them for my market shoppe.  They are cheap and apparently EVERYONE had one at one point because I find them everywhere.  I love the metal ones in great vintage colors...

Anyway,  a few weeks ago, I was whipping through a few garage sales and I found something really, really ugly for 45 cents.   It was one of those horrible cheap wooden spoon display racks, sitting on the bottom of  a box, ignored.  Of course it was ignored!  It was ugly and awful and everybody is trying to get rid of them.  PERFECT.

It got a quick cleaning, a sanding and a couple coats of paint.  Then I stocked it with my art supplies and it got a whole new life.

Total Cost - around 80 cents between the 45 cents and my estimate of paint. If you are super observant, you might notice all my recent projects (like THIS and THIS) are the same color.  That would be because they are all from the same can of spray paint ($1.00 @ Ollies). 

It works well for art storage for several reasons.  
The first is that the spoon slots can be used to simply hold items in the large slot, or smaller items can be wedged in the small opening.
Those slots would also be perfect for drying flowers...

The nailhead is covered with a little bit of pom pom ribbon to dress it up and the bottom of the rack holds more supplies.  
The tag in front is a fabric scrapbooking tag I had and all of the supplies were hanging out in desk drawers.

What is the ugliest chiched item from the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's that you want to think of a makeover for?



AH! I love that! And I adore the idea of putting flowers in there... how adorable would that be? I think I need to go on a thrifting hunt for one now... hmmyessss, I shall. :)
meg said…
love this, amy!!! you are so clever :)
Chas said…
I love this idea!
PonderandStitch said…
This is awesome!!! I am forever getting things at the thrift store... and you are right, the prices are TOTALLY going up! A coat of paint works wonders. :D