Plant Your Name w/ Seeds | a KIDDO project!

This is a super easy project that is fun for kids to plant and watch grow.  I was going to wait for the "after" photos to post this, but I don't think there are going to be any.  Sadly for us, we will not be watching our letters grow because my darling kiddos found the pots and wanted to make more letters, so I'm pretty sure the seeds will not be sprouting where they were planted.  Ah well...perhaps your projects will turn out a little better.  ...perhaps I'll try again while the kids aren't watching...

Anyway, you put a bunch of soil in a pot.  If you are new to this whole gardening thing, you might want to get a cheap bag of potting soil from the store so you know it is sterile.  If you are a veteran gardener, you know what weeds will pop up from your garden soil and you can just use garden variety soil.

1.  Have your child trace the letter of their first name, or their initials, or their entire name if they are older.  
Do it several times to make a furrow about 1/2" deep.

2.  Work with your kiddo to sprinkle wheatgrass, chive, rosemary or any other vertically natured,
easy to grow seed in the furrows.   We used rosemary and chives (in different pots).

3.  Can you see the "H"?

4.  How about now?  Check out photo #3 again and you should be able to see the seed in the furrows...

5.  Pat the seed down, gently put a tiny bit of soil over and water in while your babies are doing something else.

6.  Hide the pots somewhere sunny until they start to grow or else your children 
might dig their little fingers into the pots again and the letters will be no more!

7.  Make sure you enjoy helping out your kiddo...
...but pay attention because THIS might happen...

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Diamonds said…
Ha cute! I let mine do Lima beans in a cup and set them up so they couldn't get them. They thought it was so neat.

I really like your blog and thought that you deserved The Versatile Blogger Award. Come see here:

Have a great Day!

Ms. Burrito said…
Hi, I am your youngest and newest follower from the bloghop, hope you can follow the little blog of a newbie like me, thanks in advance!
Thanks Diamonds - I appreciate it! and welcome Ms. Burrito!
Becky Jane said…
Such a fun summer project! I'm sharing your link with my readers on voiceBoks? I have a gardening group and they would really enjoy this simply fun idea! It will include your blog and post link! You can check it out here:

Visiting from Twisted Scavenger…a new TWIST on blog hopping!
Thanks, Becky Jane
jbplbarbara said…
@Becky Jane, thanks for recommending this post. I'll definitely try it out since my last batch of flowers didn't make it :( My little is being asking about it all these weeks.

Thanks Amy for this wonderful post and sharing all your great tips. Hope you can join our gardening group at voiceBoks.
have a Great awesOme Day!!!