What, you were expecting real chicks?  


Isn't she beautiful?
...and how about her darker feathered sister?

I mean is there anything a touch of that down can't solve?

I've been doing a lot of chicken cuddling while my boys are in Ohio and I can emphatically say that 
if you are wanting a newborn fix and do NOT want to get pregnant, chicks do the trick!

I'm kind of in love with them...

I even took video...I need to remind myself these are CHICKENS...


I wonder what food they are pecking at in my carpet????


they look so small, but i know they are palm size. anyway, this post reminds me of Easter.

if they are in my carpet, they'd be pecking on cracker and bread crumbs.
I think you are right on about the bread crumbs and crackers :) sadly...
Oh. My. Gosh!! They are darling!!! I found you through CraftGawker and soo made my bOrINg Tuesday at work soo much better :-)
Oh...and as a vegetarian..I can translate what they are chirping..
"We are NOT nuggets!!" :-)
Thomas said…
are the pets or are you chick sitting?
Pets/ Egg Producers and Bug Eaters in a few months :)
Marti said…
ima gonna need some of those. NOW.

i grew up on a farm and i don't go "home" often, but ima gonna need some of those. seriously, you have me wondering if i can get my folks to get some of those for my visit next week. i wanna play with 'em.

sheesh, you've dissolved me into a 4th grader again who will get "chicks for easter" and then want to be done with 'em in time for... DINNER.
hi amy. So glad you stopped by my blog! Your photos are adorable. I wish you could have come to photograph my little peeps!
Anonymous said…
When guns speak it is too late to argue.