Pantry Art

If you read blogs, you've seen bloggers paint frames.  I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but I am always amazed at the way a crappy painting can seem cute with a little spray paint on the frame.  Case in point...

I love getting these paintings for free or very very cheap at the market or thrift store.  (The market has this great little booth where you can fill a bag for $1, and they really let you FILL the bag, so you can get about 10 of these types of paintings if you want to.)  I like the actual painting and I love that someone actually hand painted it, but I hate the frame.  I hate that it is dusty and old and especially hate that it has a red stripe.  
I wanted to bring out the purples and the lightness and brightness of the piece so it would fit in my pantry.

The frame got a coat of light paint, a little grey for highlights and purple around the edges.  The purple is the same I used in THIS PROJECT, so it ties into the little bits of purple in the painting and the other items I already have in the kitchen.

I love paintings like this, but they don't really fit the decor I've got in my house, so when I find painting like this I love, I trick them out for the pantry.  Since I am in there a lot grabbing foodstuffs, it is always a cheery thing to see little bits of original art.

Total cost...maybe 20 cents?


you are right, the look of the original frame is not nice at all. with how you reinvented the frame, the painting looked even better!