It is always Halloween around here...

We have countless plastic pumpkins in our house, all over our house from the basement to the loft and everywhere in between.  Usually, holiday themed stuff drives me crazy if it sticks around the house, but these little plastic pumpkins in a rainbow of colors earn their keep.  They are one of the best organizational tools for annoyingly little toys.  Seriously, they are fun and have a handle, so the kids like them.  They are wide in the middle, so they hold a lot of stuff, but small at the top so things stay inside better than they would in a bucket, and there is no lid to constantly be lost or broken.  The best part?  They are sold as Halloween buckets instead of organizational items, so they are $1 instead of $3-4.

The other great thing about the pumpkins?  When I want the kids to clean up, the task of "filling up a pumpkin"
is a lot less of a challenge than "clean up the floor".  It's the little things...

How do you handle the chaos that ensues when you have babies?  and boys?  and baby boys?  and ALL THEIR TOYS?!


alison said…
what a cute the new header by the way!

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