Indulge me it's spring...

The weeds are getting to me. seriously getting to me.  They are insane.  They are everywhere.  They are strong.  ...and the rain makes them grow SO FAST. indulge me while I take close ups of the lovely things that are blooming, and pretend I am not cropping out mass amounts of weeds.

Does anybody know what kind of cherry tree this is???

  There are at LEAST 15 varieties of daffodils this year.  I can only take credit for 3 or 4...

...and happiness is me to see peony buds...grow babies grow!  Conquer those weeds!

...and one of the great glories of spring...watching one of these...

...turn into mass quantities of these...

...and these babies are blooming indoors and out...Bradford Pears???  I think?  
Whatever they are, they are lovely and I have vases full of flowering branches that I rescued from the branches Alex cut for THIS PROJECT.

...and while I love the beautiful whites and subtle colors changes of spring, sometimes a jolt of color is all you need 
to jerk you out of the winter doldrums and thrust you into the vigor of spring.
These sedums surprised me with lime green growth a few days ago and this redbud is trained into a bush form instead of a tree...I was surprised and happy to see it bloom!

...and the best part of spring?  Watching a sweet little black and white bird checking out this house.
Someday I'll manage a picture of her... how do YOU divert your attention from the weeds?


Andrea said…
I divert my attention by dreaming about their deaths. Morbid? Maybe. Satisfying? Definitely.
alison said…
my weeds are so awesome right now that i can't even contemplate how i'm going to purge them from my garden...sigh....beautiful photos though!
One of my favorite spring/summer evening activities is grabbing a beer and my weed stick and going crazy until the sun goes down. It is actually more fun with a friend, wanna come over and dig up dandelions? The beer is on me:)