How to Build Your Own Playyard

Alex amazes me with his building skills. The first time he built a playset, it was a CHOO-CHOO SET back in Nebraska. Now that we are settled in PA, it was time to build a new play set for the boys. While they still love trains, they are much more into climbing and shooting lately, so we combined the two to create the idea for a castle/fort. It is a simple fort in design, and very low cost because we are using on hand materials, but the boulders Alex is using for the outside of the "castle" are huge and heavy. ...not to mention all the digging. Luckily, Alex's Dad offered help on sinking the four posts that support the structure. Those posts and some of the new wood was purchased, but otherwise, we used rocks and cut down trees that were already in the yard.

This is the front wall that is almost completed.  
The biggest boulders are set several feet under the ground and the rocks are cemented together.  

The top portion of the fort is enclosed with sections of tree branches cut from various trees on the property.

After a bit of a battle, Alex sited the fort in direct sight of the porch.
This is my view from the porch and it is the perfect spot for them to feel independent, while I can still keep an eye on them.

The flags are still under construction and there will be a pulley system and a car track 
along with a load of sand that will go on the bottom behind the rock wall.  More to come soon!

Here is the project about 70% finished!


Oh PLEASE, PLEASE come build one in my yard! The boys would love it. I have this master plan to make our wooded back yard into a boys play-land using all natural materials... haven't had the time to do it yet, hmmmm
alison said…
how fun! your boys are going to have hours upon hours of enjoyment and cowboy fun out of that playhouse...your hubs is very creative!

Thomas said…
wow you are kinder than my parents. At 5 they sent me off into the woods on a Friday with nothing but a Swiss army knife. By Sunday I felled enough trees with the mini-saw to make a fort and had clothed myself with the pelts of woodland creatures.
Thomas, you are beyond ridiculous :) I hope my Thomas turns out a bit like you :)

Girls, I think my hubby is pretty great and creative...I did GOOD! :)
Now that is really cool - how awesome!
Your yard looks great! We have a big back yard too but I can see the whole thing from my patio. My hubby is building ours his playfort right now too and it's got power and cable!!! What the heck, eh? It's right over top of the outside bathroom he built and yeah, I give up!! Your flags are looking super cute there and will stay tuned to see more for sure!
Just Jinny said…
One of the things I very fondly remember from my childhood is playing make believe. I used my imagination to create something out of nothing. Give a dirt patch on the playground and I had my footprint for a castle!

I love to see parents encouraging their kids to use their imagination to play..instead of JUST video games and physical toys (although those can be fun too).
Dyche Designs said…
Wow, that's impressive. Your boys are going to have hours of fun playing out there.
great addition ... including the sunday creative group! we built a stone ... wall ... in our shade garden. the kids had a blast hiding behind it in their pretend-play. You've out did yourself with this structure! ~j.
Joan said…
Very cool! I am sure they will have all kinds of fun with this.
Anna Lear said…
Very cool, and nicely photographed! I could totally see my kids playing in a fort like this... hmmmmmm...
It looks very nice. I sure love our landscape in Pennsylvania! So beautiful.
Laura said…
totally awesome!