How do you blog so much?

How do you blog so much?   Don’t you have 3 kids?

Yes I do.  …and that is WHY I BLOG. Well, one of the reasons. You’ll have to go back there and click that link to see my answers of WHY I blog. …as to the how?   I have a schedule and I have lists.  As with everything in my life with 3 kids, I can't really accomplish anything unless it is done in the most efficient, scheduled manner. Since I want to blog and in some ways I have to blog (for mental health friends!), I want to make room for it and I do that by following a flexible, but rigorous schedule.  

Here is how it goes…

The blogging process begins on a Tuesday of any given week with various projects around the house. Cooking and Gardening are just part of my everyday life with the boys, so as I’m going about my business, I will grab the camera (that is always sitting out) and snap photos of what we are doing. There are usually 2 days of general photo taking that takes maybe a total of 15 minutes throughout the day.

Usually one day a week is a DIY day. I paint, sew, carve, and hot glue stuff. It is on one of the days that my oldest is at preschool , and the babies are napping part of the time. I work like a maniac those 4 hours, making my living room or basement a total mess, but turning out anywhere from 2-10 projects. I make sure to do DIY days on a day when the house is already a mess and not when guests will be coming over.
The day or two after a DIY day is a cleaning day. As I mentioned before, I let the house get messy, then make it messier with a DIY day and then clean the whole shebang before we have dinner guests, or parental visitors, etc. etc .

After I have a couple folders of DIY, Gardening, Cooking and random photographs, I sit down one night, watching 3 or 4 shows via DVR and edit all of them in one big batch. Then, I will write the photo based posts and keep them in the queue. What? You think having a queue is cheating? Sorry friends, you would end up with 10 posts late on Saturday night and another 6 around 12:30 AM on Tuesday if I just published as I wrote. Writing posts for the queue also has the added bonus of some down time in between writing and publishing, so I get to scan my writing with fresh eyes a few days later. I usually catch mistakes and weird writing a lot easier when I’ve had a break from what I’m thinking and writing.

Moving on…I used to try to write blog posts in between changing diapers, making meals and chasing 3 chickies around, but it took forever and was frustrating for me and for them. I decided to give myself “prompts” as I thought of them and then at one time, I sit down and write posts from my list of prompts. Lately, I’ve been taking the laptop into the market on Saturday morning and in between talking to customers, I use the downtime to sit and type, type, type away. I can usually power through 5-15 prompts in the 4 hours I am “working” at the market.

Then, the daily task of blogging turns into a 5-10 minutes per post combining content with photos and formatting it to look pretty (I hope!) on the blog.  So yes, of course it is a part time job, but it is a part time job that I love and a part time job I have made manageable with 3 kids by a flexible, but rigorous schedule.

You might wonder what slides around my house if I am working so hard on blogging. Well, there are a couple things that I have given up. One is a ton of friends. We have moved a lot, so I haven’t made a lot of close friends, so I connect with old friends via blogging, and facebook and letters and meet a few here and there as I get settled in here in PA, but for the most part, I really don’t hang out with friends on a regular basis. I find it incredibly difficult to pack up the kiddos and all the stuff they need, find a time between naps and get myself presentable just to go hang out. So I don’t have a ton of friends.

The other thing that goes is the cleanliness of the house sometimes. It try to not let it get too dirty, but with 3 boys it just does. So, I’ve joined the insanity and let trains stay out for a few days instead of a few hours and let the playroom usually stay impassable during the week. There are probably too many dust bunnies in corners and the mirrors are cleaned about once a month. It used to drive me nuts, so I jumped into the madness and stopped trying so hard to keep it spotless. It just isn’t going to be for another 10 years or so.

Guess who made this mess?


jandjhome said…
You are a busy lady. Whatever you are doing, it's working. I love your posts and projects. I don't have 3 kiddies and I do find my house much more of a mess since I started blogging. I sometimes get posts done ahead of time, but this time of year gets so crazy at work that I'm on a post by post basis these days.
Tabby Powell said…
Your life sounds pretty awesome :) I do NOTHING all day!