Glee beat me to it...

If you are a creative type, you know that getting to the idea first is one of the challenges and rewards of creating.  If someone creates something that is exactly like what you have been thinking, and publishes it before you get your stuff out there, it is a blow.  You keep kicking yourself for not working faster or harder on your ideas.   If it is something that has been done a million times before like a taco recipe or a fabric flower tutorial, you can relax a bit because you can make yours different.  You can make yours with better photography, or clearer steps, or your own little twist on the project.  …but if it is something brilliant and you’ve never seen it done before, there is this rush to do it and do it well and do it QUICK!
So, here is my dilemma.  A few years ago (yes YEARS!), I was cutting up sweaters to make little slings to photograph babies in.  After using the bulk of the sweaters, I had all of these sleeves leftover.  I tried to think of what I could use them for.  Ricepaks were an easy solution and a few of them went that route.  Then, one day I was cold, and sewing something and I put the sweater sleeves on my arms.  Arm warmers!  Brilliant!

You know how when it is cold outside it feels good to have long-sleeved shirts on.  Not just long-sleeved as in not short-sleeved, but long to the middle of your hands shirts that you can tuck up under your chin with a mug of coffee long.  MMM…makes me wish for some snow right about now.  (WAIT!  Did I actually just wish for snow again?!?  No, No, NO.  Please God, I am loving the tulips, don’t let it snow!).  Anyway,  since it is hard to find lots of shirts that are that long sleeved, you can substitute with arm warmers that keep your hands and forearms toasty while giving that luxurious, middle of the hand length.

I thought I had stumbled upon something brilliant, but I didn’t do anything about it…I just used sweater sleeves for myself…no sewing, just toss them on when I was cold.  Skip ahead a few years and I decided to actually hem a pair and put a thumb seam in and the sleeves were even better.  They kept slipping down, so I also create a tighter seam along with back seam to fit them specifically for my forearms.  The only problem was that my husband said they looked like casts, so I decided to add a bit of embellishment so they don’t look silly.

Just a simple rose and they look a lot more like arm warmers and a lot less like casts.  
They are just attached with bobby pins, but if you wanted a permanent solution, you could easily sew or just hot glue embellishments on.

you can ignore the dirty gardening hands and fingernails :)

…and then I forgot about them again.  No little blog post, no making mass amount of them…just using them when I got cold.
Then came Glee.  …and there was an episode where Rachel got Brittany to follow her “Trends” so that she could become popular.  Brittany, not being the brightest apple in the basket, started her own trends instead, infuriating Rachel.  Guess what one of those trends was?   
You guessed it!  Arm warmers. 

Now, the warmers were clearly kind of a spoof on Glee and not really something that is necessarily supposed to take off and be successful, but I was still a bit peeved at myself.  Arm warmers are really quite fantastic and I totally missed my chance to get to them "first".  

Ah well, so it goes…at least my arms are warm :)

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*Disclaimer...I realize that someone has known of these for years and years and years and I wouldn't have been first anyway... :)


They look so warm and fuzzy!! I could use a pair this spring that is for sure!!!! BTW congrats on the top 50, wohoo. You totally deserve it.
grace said…
There are different styles for everything like hats so I'd create a style brand it and make it yours.
Fresh Mommy said…
Ahhh yes, such a good idea. But hey, your idea is still a bit different than Glee. I love the little flower on them.. and I love LONG sleeves like that!!

BTW... I'm in NY! Just arrived.

yours is better. it has that rose thing that makes it looks glamorous!
Sincerely Jill said…
Hi from Mingle Mondays.

Too funny, but you got to love Glee :)
Jenn Erickson said…
You so perfectly articulated what all of us go through at one time or another when it comes to not jumping on an artistic impulse quickly enough.

I love your good humor and wit, and think that both your original project with the repurposed sweater baby slings and the subsequent arm warmers are absolutely lovely!

Darn that Glee! I have a hunch that even though they were spoofing fashion trends, it's going to catch on anyway. Fashionable and crafty people with the I-can-make-that-myself disposition will perhaps start searching the internet for an Arm Warmer DIY, and they will come across yours -- the first, the best, the ORIGINAL!

Thank you so much for being a part of "A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesday at Rook No. 17

Anonymous said…
I made several pair of these for my teenage grandaughter. They are the in thing now. I used the smallest round wheel in the set you can get from Michaels, and there is even a smaller on at WalMart.
Also You can buy the $1.00 knit knee socks that are so colorful, or plain if you wish and cut off the toe end. hem it and do the same.
When you use the knitting circle, you can actually put your thumb through the finished product without making a separate thumb area.