Cork, Cork, Cork, Cork, Cork...

Have you ever said a word over and over and over and over again in your head until it starts sounding really weird? It happened to me once with the word "the". I kept saying it over and over again in my brain until it sounded SO WEIRD and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Try it. Think about the word "the" many times until you feel like you are tripping? (Btw, why do drugs when you can just think really hard? From what I've heard, the effect is fairly similiar...)

Anyway, moving on. I started trying to think of a title for this post involving cork and you guessed it, the word started sounding weird in my head. Cork. CORK. cork, cork, cork, cork, cork...and thus a title is born. Oh my.

SOooooo the cork...Charlotte asked about a tutorial and source for these corks, and quite honestly, there is no tutorial.  Basically, I am doodling.  On the cork below, I used a basic little paintbrush and made about 3 coats to cover.  One THESE CORKS, I used my WOOD BURNING TOOL and literally just eeked out a design while watching TV one night.  As for the source, that one is easy : IKEA, 3 for $2.99

The wood carved trivets, I use for their intended purpose...trivets.
For this painted cork, I added a ribbon onto the back and hung it up as a mini-corkboard.

It is perfect as a spot to hold notes or phone numbers!

 If you liked this tutorial, then you might enjoy the BOOK!

Make your own coconut oil.
Gather your own sea salt.
Grow your own grapevines for wreaths.
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Crafting with Nature is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a MillionPOWELL's! (!!!!)  Booktopia (Australia!), IndieBoundAlibrisGlose.comThe Book Depository and  Books are also rolling out to retailers and libraries, so check for them there. 
 If your library does NOT have it yet, this is why you should talk to your librarian!

Want more for free?

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Gillian said…
What a great idea! Sounds easy as pie, too. Thanks for sharing!

Baby Talk without the Babble
jess said…
i overthink words ALL THE TIME! It IS so weird. And cork is weird even when you don't think about it much! I do the same thing with names, too.
Totally easy Gillian!

Jess...I figured you would be one of the people in the world that thinks like that :)
Where do you get these corks, though, to shape into whatever shapes and sizes? All I can find in stores are those $$$ framed cork boards, intended to hang on the wall, and I really don't what to dismantle because it's $$$ and already framed.
Hey charlotte!

They are sold as a pack of three trivets at IKEA and they are already circles when I get them. I would have no clue how to cut cork into various shapes??