burn the ones you love.

These cork trivets needed a little love, so I burned them.


Oh cool! I have some cork trivets but I use them in between frying pans, so they don't scratch each other in the drawer! Yours look great.
Fresh Mommy said…
Oh how fun! What did you burn them with? I have no idea how you did that... but it looks awesome. I love your creativity :)

...with one of these! http://anestforallseasons.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-to-use-wood-burning-tool.html
Marisa said…
I have those trivets! I should try this.
well, how clever! your trivets look great!
I'm thinking coasters would look awesome too!
these are great and very creative. do you have a tutorial for these, like where do you get the materials. I plan on making coasters and a few trivets with my very own design on it.