Before and After | Take 2

A little spray paint, a little batting and fabric, a few hooks...and voila! 

Of course, after I had the fabric in there, I didn't really love it and the lines weren't perfectly lining up, so I decided to switch out the fabric. 
I found some scrap fabric in this pretty pattern in the IKEA as-is section (where else?), and because it is a floral, 
I won't have the issues with the lines being perfectly straight.  
It is a lot more forgiving to non-perfect DIY folks like myself.

To attach fabric to a frame that has lost its glass is a fairly easy project.  It is the same basic technique for recovering a chair.  
Trim the fabric to be about 2 " wider than the cardboard or wood insert of the frame.  
If you were a perfect DIY type, you would iron it at this point.  
I, however, am not perfect and leave it because it will get stretched anyway.

Cut a piece of batting about the same size or smaller and lay it on top.
Then, it is time for the back of the frame...

Staple through all 3 layers in the order below, stretching the fabric as you go.  
Be careful not to staple into your floor (as if I would do something so stupid...)

Then, you fold the corners under.  I don't know how to describe it to you except to just show you.  
Basically, you fold down {1}, then over {2}, then down the middle {3}.

Once the 4 sides are stapled and the corners are secure, go around the perimeter with your staple gun and attach the two pieces of rickrack.

Slide the whole shebang into the frame and you are good to go!  
You can use your new frame to hang glasses near your bed, or sunglasses near your entryway.  
You can make headbands into little works of art.

...or you can be weird and make a sculpture out of your glasses...whatever floats your boat~


Amy-that is really cute. It's amazing how the batting adds to it!
"frame to hang glasses near your bed, or sunglasses near your entryway" - I like that! Cool!
TriGirl said…
Cute idea! I really like the second fabric :D
Stopping by from Mingle Monday--have a great week!
I love that! And that fabric is adorable! Where is the closest Ikea! Please fill me in :o)
Hey Kara...

We are kind of between in Philly and the other in Baltimore. I think the Baltimore one might be slightly closer...I am blessed to have family in both cities so we "have" to visit often and stop by IKEA of course :)
Staci said…
I loved the idea of this but the only frames I had were wooden $1 frames that I have had for years. So instead of one big one, I made 4 small ones with coordinating bandanas I had. I finally got to use some notions I have had for 20yrs or so. Thanks for the idea, they look great and save space!
Staci -

I'd love to see them!! Send me a pic!