A New Towel Rack...for free

Guess where these are hanging...
It's the back of a chair!
The chair was in the trash because one of the bottom supports was broken. 
I picked it up because I needed a seat for this rocker...

Once the seat was used, that left the broken bottom (which was used for a family firepit night) and the back.  
The back just screamed towel rack, so...

Now, if I could just find 6 or so more of these to hang around the perimeter of the bathroom, painted different colors, but finished off with similar detailing and towels...THAT would be fun.  TOTAL COST for this project - FREE!  
(unless you count the spray paint which is $1 and has already completed 3 other projects...so I'm going to go with FREE!)


Becky Jane said…
I am always amazed at your creative mind...It screamed towel rack to you, but to me it would have probably said...'what ?'
Happy Wednesday, Becky Jane
Amber W said…
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I love this towel rack - that is so creative and I would have never guessed that it was the back of a chair. I love the color you painted it also! Huge success!


alison said…
love this idea...repurposing at its best!

Stacey said…
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Happy Wednesday!
Wow, what a simple, amazing idea! I need a new towel rack and this might be perfect!
You are a rockstar...I am LOVING this idea!
What a fantastic idea and it looks so adorable. Way to re-purpose and recycle :D
amazey said…
Okay so that is very awesome! I would never have thought of that. It looks so chic too!
Morela said…
I am a new follower. What a great idea. It looks great. Can't wait to read more of your blog.


Chas said…
What a creatie alternative! Genius!
Nicely done! Someday when I get around to the horror shows which are my bathrooms. This is on the list for sure!!
Holly said…
Oh yeah...that is awesome. I was on the look out for a ladder...but now I want a chair! New follower!
504 Main
Hello! I saw your link on the Thursday Hop list. What a very cool way to use an old, broken chair! I would have never thought of that! Love your blog :)

I'm a new follower!

The Dreamer said…
Brilliant! I love it!
Lisa said…
I love this idea! It's so nice on the wall and almost looks like a piece of art!
You know I love a great repurpose!
Woohoo on the cost too! I love chairs of all kinds, even hanging from the wall.
visiting from circle of bliss
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