When life gives you garbage...

when life gives you garbage...sometimes you can make something grand.

This is a desk I found on the curb on the way to school, and literally jumped out of the car because I knew it would be perfect for the boys.  The weekend before, I had "stolen" the little table that functioned as their desk for the SHOP, so they were a little miffed that I took their art desk.  This is so much better though...it is not very deep, so it fits well in the space, and the DRAWERS are such an added benefit.  They balance the ART DISPLAY CASE (also made from drawers), not to mention the much needed storage for baby art supplies.

It simply got a coat of paint (the leftovers from the art display project).  Well, a couple of coats...


So, when I paint things, it is usually on the lower driveway that is partially hidden from the road, but still kind of out there.  I put down an old rug and run outside between meal prep and diaper changing and baby art projects to slap on a coat.  Well, this particular desk got painted late in the afternoon and I had to run out and do one final coat before the temperature started to go down.  This is also the same time that I get around to running like a hamster on the treadmill (a slow hamster that wishes she were not there...)  Usually I throw on an extra bra over my clothes instead of taking the time to throw on a sports bra...Can you figure out what happened next?

Yes, I went outside on the driveway (that is only partially hidden from the street) and painted a coat of paint on a desk from someone's curb with a bra on over my shirt (and under).  ...and of course I didn't even realize it until I walked back inside.  Oh the shame...
Anyway,  I guess it was worth it...I don't think any of the neighbors actually saw me...or maybe they just thought it was a weird shirt.  I did have a shirt on....

Anyway, anyway...here is the before and after...

                                     the moral of the story is....
                     when life gives you garbage...makes something grand, 
                            just make sure to look in the mirror before going outside...even to your own driveway.

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jess said…
okay...forget all the home decor/kitchen inspiration you provide! I JUST got done exercising and before i did I JUST got done complaining in my head that I had to change from a reg. bra to a sports bra. I am TOALLY going to start wearing a sports bra over my shirt. that's brilliant.
:-) i can't say it enough...other than the fact that i haven't started wearing bras over my clothes...we are leading parallel lives. the running outside to do a coat of paint between meal service is so my M.O.

love it all!!!
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Jennifer said…
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I love that story, so funny! I'm a homeschool mom and I'm always trying to do 2 or 3 things at the same time so I totally get where you are coming from!
Oh wow...love the desk!

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you know I love trash! :)

I've repurposed drawers like this too, it's a great use of trash.
I have many painted and ready for someone else to love.