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15 March 2011

Sweet Tea. Sweet tea with NO DREGS....sweet...

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My mom has made tea ever since I can remember.  It is served in those giant brown plastic tupperware jugs.  Remember these guys??

The big one is sweet tea, the little one is unsweetened. I grew up on it. I love it. However, I HATED the little dregs of tea that would end up in the bottom of the jug. Sometimes I would pour that last cup and be expecting yummy sweet tea and instead get a mouth of dregs.

So I came up with a better method.

Same Sweet Tea (yes it is capitalized...). No Dregs.

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

It is a simple process that starts with your tea kettle. 
Get it full to the fill line and put it on a small burner on your stove on HIGH.

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

While your water heats to boiling, pour some sugar in the bottom of your pitcher.  Make sure your container is room temp.
I broke a glass pitcher once thinking I could pour boiling water into it minutes after it came out of the fridge.  It shattered.

Keep pouring, this IS sweet tea.  
You use a whole cup, or more or less depending on your taste.  Just skip this part for unsweetened tea :)

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

It is important to get the sugar in the pitcher before the water and tea because you want to make a simple syrup
so the sugar completely dissolves and spreads throughout your entire batch of tea instead of settling on the bottom.
How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

Once your sugar is ready, it's time to get your teabags prepared.
My mom taught me to rip off the paper tops and tie all the teabags (4-6 small) in a knot at the top.

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons
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How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons
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How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

See the tied teabags in my hand?

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

So, your sugar is in the pitcher, the bags are tied, but NOT in the pitcher and your teakettle is boiling.
Get a wooden spoon, pour the boiling water into the pitcher and stir, stir, stir!  
You want the sugar to dissolve and mix while the water is still hot.

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

Here is the little trick...get the water and sugar mix spinning, pull the spoon out and drop your teabags in.
They will spin enough to dunk under the water and start brewing without the force of water breaking open the bags and spilling tea.

Let it brew 15-20 minutes for a light tea and longer for a stronger tea.
Pull the tea out and toss those teabags in the compost!
How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

The last step is to add a little bit of cold water to dilute the tea and cool it down before going into the fridge.
You just want to add a couple cups or your tea will get too weak.
Alternatively, you can just fill glasses with ice, poor the warm tea over and serve immediately.

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

Folks have asked where to get the bottles/crate the tea is pictured in.  
Mine were from Lehmans  -- a little store in Berlin, Ohio, but you can find a similar crate/bottle set HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

How to Make Sweet Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

How to Make Herbal Tea with Amy Renea at A Nest for All Seasons

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tale of many cities Tuesday, March 15, 2011  

great tute! i have been making sweet tea that way since i was about 10! you're so right.. that simple syrup is the key to having good sweet tea! alas, i have to dilute mine 1/2 and 1/2 now.. diabetes sucks! :P

Torviewtoronto Tuesday, March 15, 2011  

lovely pictures

grace Tuesday, March 15, 2011  

My husband loves his tea too and we make it continually.

{darlene} Tuesday, March 15, 2011  

your pictures are amazing.
have I mentioned that your pictures are amazing??

Sarah, Three Boys Tuesday, March 15, 2011  

yummmm I can drink an entire pitcher alone in a day! Love it. And to answer your question, no the eggs don't taste like what they eat exactly but they do taste different. The one's we like the best are fed an organic feed and are outside pecking around all day. The taste is richer and sweeter than any egg I have ever tasted. If that makes any sense. xo,s

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic Wednesday, March 16, 2011  

Great tutorial:) The photos are gorgeous and I just about cried when I saw your tea kettle...I would love to have one just like that. YUM!

mmarthaac Wednesday, March 16, 2011  

This iced tea is perfect for the upcomming summer days!! Loved your step by step.


Kathryn Thursday, March 17, 2011  

Yum, I love some simple sweet tea! And I adooooore the bottles you put them in!

ashley morgan Friday, March 18, 2011  

I love a blog with beautiful photos, and you've got them. I also LOVE that pitcher. It has to be my absolute favorite color.

Nikki Thursday, March 24, 2011  

As I was scrolling down, I actually was thinking "great pictures!" I voted for you. I'm also a new follower from the Twisted Thursday blog hop.


The Dreamer Thursday, March 24, 2011  

following from the blog hop. Would love for you to stop by amomcandream.blogspot.com


WheelchairDecor Thursday, March 24, 2011  

Love the tea/milk jugs...so cute! I voted for you!
I just made the connection that your last name is Kauffman. My High School English teacher was a Kauffman.

You're a lot nicer than she was...lol
Becky Jane

Julie Wednesday, August 03, 2011  

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

breanna Friday, October 07, 2011  

where can i find the thing that the bottles are held in?

Abby @ Belle and Beau Antiquarian Thursday, November 01, 2012  

We love your use of the Starbucks bottles and we have linked up to you over at: http://belleandbeauantiquarian.blogspot.com/2012/11/more-than-message-in-bottle.html
Come visit us!

gretchenann Wednesday, January 23, 2013  

Where did you find the wire carrier and bottles? So darling.

Lou Looksi Friday, January 25, 2013  

I believe the bottle came from Lehmans.com -- though I don't know if they still carry them. You might try etsy or One Kings Lane as well!

Amy Renea Tuesday, January 29, 2013  

I received mine as a gift, but you can find s similar one here:


DORIAN GRAY Monday, June 03, 2013  

First I love the recipe, picture all of it. I live on ice tea. Have been making sweet tea for years, but lately it has been coming out awful. Your recipe reminds me of how it should be made. I have one dumb question. How much water are you pouring onto the sugar? It will affect how tea is made. You use 4-6 tea bags but gave no measurement of boiling water, you just never cold water, kind of.
Thanks for your help. You have a new follower.

Amy Renea Tuesday, June 04, 2013  

Good question Dorian! For that green pitcher, it is probably around a half gallon -- for my larger tea pitcher, it is around a gallon (but I use more teabags). There really is an element of how strong you like your tea as well :) Experiment and let me know what you find out! Happy to have you here!

Jessica Wooten Thursday, September 12, 2013  

Oh my goodness. That is the most complicated"tute"I've ever seen! ...and why did anyone need a tutorial to make sweet tea!? You put bags yahoo water in a saucepan bring almost to a boil& take it off the heat. I have NEVER had sugar settle at the bottom. If you put the mix the start with even warm water it'll combine perfectly. Or my daily method, use a coffeemaker,put tea bags where coffee good& water in the back. After it brews, put in pitcher, add sugar, stir. Fill the rest with water. Come on people! Have we become so dependant on the net we need a tutorial to make sweet tea!? Don't mean to knock you, I'm sure some poor soul actually was helped from this, but Com'on!

Amy Renea Monday, May 12, 2014  

Hi Jessica! This post receives more hits than any other on this blog, so I would say it is helpful! :) Your cooffeemaker method is interesting, actually and would make a fantastic blog post! Sometimes the simple, everyday "do it better" ideas are the ones people really need to get a boost, you know?

...and if you ever get tea dregs in your mouth ruining that last delicious sip...well...it sucks.

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