So you've bought your FRESHMAN COLLECTION and really love digging in the dirt and growing your own flowers.   Are you ready to expand your toolbox?

The great thing about being a sophomore is that you can mess around a little bit.  You aren't a freshman have some knowledge.  You aren't a junior or senior trying to figure out where to go to college and what to do for the rest of your life.  You are in that magic year of the sophomore where you can experiment, have fun and spread your wings :)

So the first things you'll need to get started are some fun, interesting seeds.  You can check out a nursery or big box store, but my hands down FAVORITE place to get seeds is at eBay.  You might have noticed my new sponsor Flower Angel...STOP, STOP, Don't run away!  It's not an AD!  I mean Flower Angel IS a sponsor, but before she was even a sponsor, I loved her and purchased most of my seeds from her (check out THIS POST).
This is what most ebay seed look like when they arrive at your door.
Why do I love her?  Well, there are the free seeds with every purchase...that's always fun!   It's her philosophy that sharing BEAUTY is her MISSION.  Most of all, it is her selection.  She has seeds for plants that Wal-Mart and Lowe's have never even thought of putting on their shelves.  You don't believe me?  Ok, just check out these ITALIAN WHITE SUNFLOWERS.  You will never, ever go back to yellow again.  Aren't they beautiful?

Moving on...after you get some FUN seeds (PLEASE pick something interesting to grow that you have never even heard of - it is fun!) for cheap, it is time to move on to a few pots.  You don't need to buy them new...older pots are more beautiful anyway.  (Why buy a pot and age it with yogurt when you can just buy an old one???  Never understood that...)  The best place hands down for old pots is a yard sale...from 5 cents to $1 for larger pots.  Buy a few in the same style or color.  You can get a bunch of different colors if they are all the same size, or you can get a multitude of styles if they are all the same color.  Don't mix materials though, if you can help it.  Stick to terra cotta, or stone or wood planters...whatever you pick, stick with it at least for a while until you figure out your garden design in your junior year.
These beauties are from IKEA and are far cheaper than other stores.
Alternatively, or in conjunction with your pots, you can get peat pots. 
These little guys can be planted directly into the ground with your seedling...more on these in a future post...

So you have seeds, you have pots and you have dirt from your garden to plant them in, right?  Wrong.  This is one time where I will suggest overpaying for a bag of soil at the garden center.  When you don't know your new seedlings from weed seedlings, you need to start with sterile dirt and learn your way through a batch.  Once you know what a baby sunflower looks like, go ahead and directly seed them into the ground.

If you are sowing seeds in pots or in the garden, your 4th essential is a rose.  Not the flowers, the watering attachment.  Get a decent watering can that holds a lot of water and has a rose attachment.  It can be strong plastic or metal, but it definitely needs a rose so you don't swoosh the seeds and seedlings all around when watering.   (You could also get a mister, but that takes forever and a day.

Finally, your 5th and final purchase at the store should be....drum roll please....

a plant.

Yes, you heard a plant.  You will need some encouragement waiting on your seeds, and you are probably going to have a few casualties which will discourage you, so go ahead and get one strong, hardy plant.  Choose a small plant that you love.  Lavender or a coneflower.  A cool ornamental grass or a salvia.  If you truly think you have a brown thumb, get a sedum.  Choose a plant that the garden center staff tells you is pretty easy to grow.  Baby your little plant and then eventually you'll transplant it out into your garden.  When everything else is failing, your strong little plant will be strong and give you courage to move on to junior year where you decide the big decisions for your garden.  (Seriously, if you don't have any idea what you are doing, buy a sedum and don't give it too much will love you back forever...)

Check it...the ground is barely unfrozen and there is a sedum growing already...they are soooo tough.
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This is beautiful. Thank you so much. I'm learning TONS. :)
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