Shoe Dresser | DIY Project at the Nest for All Seasons

So you've seen THE HOOP and THE DESK
Now there are two more dressers left. 
One is still sitting in the garage. 
The other one turned into a shoe dresser. 
Huh, WHAT?

Yes, we have so many shoes, we now have a dresser for them.
As I noted in yesterday's down under post, the problem does not just belong to the three (four?) crazy boys I have running around the house.

Though their shoes are much muddier than mine, we are all adding to the problem.  A problem of a thousand shoes by the door.  So when I scored all of this furniture a week ago on the curb (three different places...), I knew I wanted one of these dressers by the front door.

A dresser by the front door?  

yes.  Emphatically.

You see, I brought a dresser into the eat-in kitchen area a few months ago and I use that dresser all. the. time.  It is wonderful.  It contains two drawers of games (previously down in the basement - what a hike!), one drawer or art supplies and one drawer of all the junk that would end up on the kitchen counter otherwise (pens, coins, hammer, etc. etc.).

See her back there on the left...she is priceless...well free really, but you know what I mean...
So, one of the dressers was missing the bottom toe kick portion and it was automatically nominated to be the shoe dresser.  A couple pairs of daddo's shoes fit perfectly right under the bottom drawer and then each boy and I get a drawer.  For shoes.  and hats. and gloves. and any other extra STUFF the coat rack, peg hooks, shoe basket and coat closet won't hold.  Isn't that a ridiculous amount of storage by the front door?  Isn't it ridiculous that we actually use it all?  Isn't it ridiculous that there are full baskets of shoes by two other doors as well?


Would you like to see a picture of our shoe dresser?  Voila!

I still need to add handles to the bottom 2 drawers, but otherwise, she is good to go!  
(I like how all of my furniture is turning into "shes"...perhaps I am craving some estrogen in this household...)

The knobs are from a Target line several years ago and the flowers are blooming forsythia branches.  

How do you contain all of your front door STUFF?


jess said…
we have a shoe bucket by the door, and i've often considered storing socks by the front door!! we have no trouble keeping our shoes in one spot but i hate when we all get ready to go and then realize some kiddos are sockless and they have to go all the way back to their room for socks which takes 800 minutes.
everything else (hats, mittens, scarves) is in the front closet in a over the door shoe holder thing.

i like the knobs!!!
Lori said…
I don't use my front door:) Actually, we take our shoes off in the garage but then there is just a pile of them there so it's still an issue. This is a great idea - I love the dresser!
I love this. I also have a dresser in my kitchen and I use it for craft stuff and all the random crap. I love it. I would love the have one by the front door as well. I love how yours turned did a really great job on it and I love the knobs.
great repurpose! Around these parts we call those "chest of drawers". Up north it seems everything is a dresser! :)

love your new shoe storage whatever it's called!