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In the spirit of all of the curb rescuing I've been doing lately, Nikki of LittleMe123 is sharing an upcycling story today!  By the way, if you don't remember THIS POST about Nikki's products, check it out! The girl is a crafting queen!  Her items are so well done and she is amazing enough to offer a FREE CUSTOM block to one reader...coming SOON!

If you aren't convinced....just check out her work...
  Beautiful aren't they?   Nikki is all into upcycling, so I asked her to share a recent project....enjoy!

This piano bench was rescued a few years ago from the curb by my husband, who grabbed it before it was scooped up by the garbage man. When it arrived at our house, the cushion on top was covered in a faded, black vinyl. The red cotton fabric shown in the “before” photo was my temporary solution, until I decided what my plan was for this bench.

This winter, I decided that my bathroom needed something more to spice it up, and the bench was just the thing. Plus, I was just getting into a bird phase, and wanted to try my idea out. I’d planned on uncovering the top of the bench and removing the foam insert, to paint the wood underneath. When I removed the cotton fabric and foam cushion, I found a really junky-flakey piece of cheap, unpaintable wood, that was falling apart.

As a side-note, I have a really hard time getting rid of pieces of scrap wood that my husband leaves around when he’s done with a project. I usually grab the wood scraps and stash them away in my craft room. Luckily, I had a piece in my stash that was cut and ready to go - just the size to cover the top of the bench. I threw out the old, yucky top.

We’d just painted my son’s room a really nice blue, and I had some of that paint left over. It was a similar blue as some of the accents in my bathroom. I sanded the wood for the top and painted it. (though looking closely at the "after" photos, I think this bench could have used one more round of sanding). I drew templates for the bird and the swirly-branch, then traced them on to scrapbook paper. I cut them out and decoupaged them onto the wood. I was loving it so far! 

My husband had just gotten me a tool kit, which had a drill that I was excited to use. I flipped the wood face-down on the floor, and centered the bench legs on top of the wood piece. I put the screws in place, and my new drill worked beautifully! I was happy and feeling like a big-girl after using the drill… until I flipped the bench back over, and found that the screws that I’d chosen were too long. They went clear through to the other side of the bench and were poking out of the top. Dangerous AND ugly!

Once I found screws that were the right length, I fixed the issue by removing the long screws, filling the holes where the screws had poked through, and re-sanding those areas. I replaced them with the right screws, repainted those areas on the bench. I've marked that project off of my list, and I certainly learned some valuable lessons along the way!

We will be having a giveaway soon of a custom made block like this SOON!  In the meantime, check out LittleME123 for more projects!

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