I'm paying it forward to the first 5 commenters!

Would you like a couple of these?  

I'm PAYING IT FORWARD  to the first 5 commenters!  You have to promise (girl scout honor!) to post something YOU have made on your blog and pay it forward to 5 of YOUR commenters!  (Yes...like the underwear exchanges we all did back in high school...please don't use homemade underwear as your item...that would be just too weird...)

Who is in??  Who will win??
(I entered over at Never Enough Thyme)

Speaking of winning, have you entered the current giveaway?  Click HERE to enter!

PS...if you don't win, you can always buy a pair in my ETSY SHOP or at the MARKET or just email me!  They're only $2.75 :)


Lori said…
I'm going to comment and say they are cute but you don't have to count me in the "pay it forward" b/c I can't think of anything I could make that anyone would want:) Cute idea though!
Reginia said…
Great Idea!!
I have just the thing to PIF with too :) :)
jandjhome said…
These are so cute.
Brooke said…
These are too cute! And what a fun idea!
Ashley said…
Such a fun idea. I am in :)
Monica said…
So cute. This is such a neat idea and can be used for so much.
Following you from thursday hop!
Tara said…
I think I am one of the 5! Yay!! :) Love these!
I love them! I don't have anything I could make for people right now, but wanted to say I love your stuff! :)

I'm following back, too!