Hoop-style Firewood Holder....what can I do with this?

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I like free things and I love giving them new life.  You might also remember THIS DATE I told you about where we went to the thrift store and Chuck E Cheese.  Well, I forgot to mention we also picked up a freebie while we were out...this hoop style firewood holder....
See her in front?
The hoop was in good shape except for a little dirt and rust, and one missing screw on the bottom.  
I could have replaced the screw, but I just wrapped twine around the bolted sections on the bottom.  
Rustic and functional...works!

Before twining her though, I had to get her painted.  I started out with a coat of Krylon.  
A "salmony" color.

It gives the metal that copper looking feel.

The real secret to the finish though is an automobile touch-up spray paint.  I totally threw the can away before taking a photo, but I found mine at Ollies for 99 cents.  They have a whole selection of various car finishes and I choose a brownish, shiny color.  It is super strong and feels nice...like the hood of a car...

So once it was functional and beautiful again, I had to figure out what the actual function of it would be.  I could use it for firewood, as TRACIE suggested, but I wanted to play around with it first.  The first thing that came to mind was using it as portable storage for guest linens.  When we have guests, they stay in our loft/studio/playroom/guest room, so I don't normally leave the bed and sheets out.  They get packed away in between visits to let the kids have full run of the open space.  So it is always a little bit of a pain making three trips up and down the stairs carrying the pillows and such.  Well, this little girl solves the problem! 

The hoop is much lighter than you might expect.  It is strong, but not heavy at all...aluminum maybe?  
I can carry it easily up the stairs...everything in one trip and nothing fell off!

It even has little ledges on the side that rolled sheets and smaller pillows fit right into to hold them securely.
You might want to be careful though...if you leave it full of pillows, you might end up with loungers...
Yes, we are still in our pjs....

This is the alternative, by the way...
Moving on, if you have no need of storage for guest linens, how about in a bathroom with lots of rolled towels?   
What about in your master bedroom to hold your coverlet at night when you aren't using it?  
Does yours ever end up crumpled up on the floor?

It even works well for creating a simple photoshoot setup...

One of my favorite discoveries playing around with this hoop is the multitude of ways you can attach flowers to dry on it.
(thanks to DH for the idea!)

You can tie them up traditionally as they are in the middle, but you can also just wedge them in between the bars
upside down or right side up.  Right side up is fantastic for taking flower photos like this:

See how they are just wedged in there?  ...and yes I realize that daffs aren't the best flower for drying, but it is all that I've got right now :)
Perhaps the favorite use of the hoop however was as a toy.  It's great fun to run through...

or crawl through...

or throw a football through...

It is also quite the baby cage...
...or baby stage...
watch out Hank!!  Incoming!

What would YOU do with Mrs. Hoop??  
(...not quite sure why she's female...maybe because she is functional AND beautiful??)


meg said…
looooove this amy! i just read this after i posted mine and you are right; we ARE kindred souls! i love finding old things too and giving them new life :) i LOVE how you painted it copper! and i think my vote is for all those pillows; super cute!!!
Grace said…
I cleared my house out and don't want to get rid of my pillows. You have given me a great idea with this.
Now I just have to fine a hoop. I'll be out looking now.
alison said…
so much fun...i love the nap nook idea...or the jumping thru hoops...but if i had a big enough bathroom i would roll up a bunch of white towels and place them in it.

or you could nail it sideways to a door and let your offspring shoot hoops in it...;)


Meg...we MUST do a blogging switcheroo sometime...I love your ideas and we think so alike :)

Grace...MUST send pics once you find your own :)

alison...giant basketball hoop - BRILLIANT...:)
jandjhome said…
I just loved this post. Your kids are adorable, your photography is amazing, and I loved your uses for it. Great post.
I recognize those jammies! I have 2 boys running around in them all the time! Your photos are amazing
Hi, I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I am a new follower! :) love your blog!Erin

Krista said…
stopping over from the Busy Budgeting Mama blog link up...love this...what creative ideas! I also like the way you write, your tone is great, and who doesn't love some adorable kid pics! I have 2 boys too....aren't they fun!
aww love the way your little one used it as a lounger.. adorable!! i'm sure that whatever use you find for it.. it'll be perfectly beautiful! {still jealous btw.. ;)lol}
Becky Jane said…
Your pillow hoop is ingenious! What a super fun idea!
Wow - what an awesome transformation! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at http://www.makeandtakes.com/spotlight
Amazing!! Love all the uses! Thanks for linking up with OMTWI! :)
Love all the ways you came up with to use this piece in a home! What doesn't spray paint fix? LOL!