Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

  I don't like the taste of grapefruit (well, I didn't when I was 8 and my Dad made me try it...perhaps I should try it again...?).  Anyway, I would never purchase grapefruit because I figured if I didn't like the taste, I wouldn't like the smell either, so I had no use for it.  I was dead wrong.  I LOVE the smell of baked grapefruit.  It's fruity, but not sickeningly sweetly so.  It is just absolutely perfect.  I immediately bought a grapefruit, sliced it up and baked it and it smelled awesome (all except the couple pieces that got burnt...those didn't smell so good).  

So I've perfected my own little concoction of baked grapefruit...
Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

The first thing I do is buy "seconds" grapefruits at the farmer's market.  They are $1 a basket and I go every week to pick up an assortment of produce that is just past its peak or slightly damaged.  You have to inspect it closely, but I have only been disappointed once (some asparagus was a little too far gone...we could only use about 1/2 the bundle).  If you are planning on baking, sauteing or adding your veggies to a soup, it does not matter that they are a little beat up.  If you want to eat something fresh (like bananas, or mango, or apples, or carrots), buy them from the front section of the market.

Ok, moving are my "seconds" grapefruit.
Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

I slice them as thin as I can (a mandolin would help here, but it isn't necessary).

Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

Lay them on any non-stick surface or sprayed surface without letting them touch.  I use a griddle pan because it is thick, sturdy, non-stick
with edges that don't let the food slide off when I am pulling it out of the oven too quickly.  Oh and it fits in the front of the dishwasher perfectly.

Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

Then, I add my mystery ingredient....fresh ginger.   It doesn't take much, just a touch and it gives the slices a new layer of scent. 

It's awesome.  

You've never bought fresh ginger?  You should.  It seems expensive, but you only buy a little bit and it doesn't weigh much.  I usually pay under a dollar for a chunk.  Once that chunk gets home, it goes in the freezer just like the bananas for my sugar crusted BANANA BREAD.  When you need a little bit, take it out of the freezer and after it thaws for just a few minutes, you can grate or slice some into a dish.

Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

I cut little bits of the skin off with a paring knife and then use a microplane to grate a bit into the dish.  

(By the way,  if you don't own a microplane, you might want to consider one.  
I found a good one at the dollar store, so it is not necessarily a big investment or anything...

Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands
Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

After you sprinkle a little ginger on each slice, pop it into the oven on low heat.  You can cook them at a little higher temp if you are baking something else, but you will have to keep more of an eye on them so they don't burn.  When you start smelling the fruit, really keep an eye on them. They should get crispy and lose their "wetness", and while a little caramelized natural sugar is OK, when it turns the whole thing black, it is not.  Mine take several hours, so I just leave them in while I shuffle other things I'm cooking in and out of the oven.  I will sometimes give them time on a few days in a row to really get them dry.

Ginger Scented Grapefruit Ornaments and Garlands

Once they are all baked up, simply hook them to string or ornament hooks for the Christmas tree!


Becky Jane said…
Got stuck over at Fieldstone Hill's blog! Thanks for referencing her...
I love grapefruit and ginger root...should be a sweet smell!
Becky Jane
{darlene} said…
Thank you for linking to me!
I have not been to this blog, Amy! I didn't even know you did it... I always went to your photography blog. It is BEAUTIFUL. {of course, the fact that your photos are to die for definitely helps!}
So, you just do the grapefruits to make your house smell wonderful?? I LOVE that!

btw, I did not find your post too wordy :)
{darlene} said…
ok, that must not be true. I just hunted down your follower section and saw that I already follow this one... I am just crazy. too many grapefruit fumes I guess.
Becky, she's awesome isn't she?? are too funny girl :) I must not be doing a very good job of cross promoting the blogs ;/

Anyway, yeah I just use them for the smell...I LOVE them on my desk...just every once in awhile the BEST scent floats is so light and lusty at the same time...I am so grateful to you for opening my eyes to grapefruit :)
kaypendragon said…
Harrisburg local popping in from Tastespotting.

So which market is "yours"? I'm fond of the one at the farm show complex, but it doesn't run in winter.
I've baked grapefruit with ginger, but i've never thought to cook it to this degree... but it sure does look wonderful!