Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's still all I've really got blooming around here....AND it is only because they are inside...outdoors the little daffodil shoots are about 1 inch tall.  ...but they are joined by a HOST of tulips shoots and crocus and Chionodoxa and other little guys that I have never seen before!  They are all surprises - all gifts from the previous homeowner and the reason MY plants had to die. (If you haven't read the story, you've got to click that link...then you'll understand where this gardening joy comes from...)

...and while there isn't much blooming, at least it doesn't still look like this anymore:

Joining the bulbs are tiny little signs of life from the lambsear, the dragon's blood, the chives, and all of the sedums.

For the most part though...
this garden blogger's bloom day is full of planning for the future blooms this summer around the pool garden:
STAY TUNED for "So you wanna garden?"  the Junior collection...

...and creating my own blooms out of white linen.
STAY TUNED for rosette giveaway today!

Oh, and the weeds....they aren't blooming yet, but they are green and growing!!  I've already pulled handfuls and handfuls of Queen Anne's Lace and Creeping Charlie.  Happily, Stu has learned to identify creeping charlie from lambsear and actually ENJOYS ripping them out...wonder how long this will last?

Would you like to join the party on bloom day?  Visit May Dreams Garden HERE!


Darla said…
Oh the sights of the garden waking up just warms the soul.
Racquel said…
Soon, spring will be there soon. :)
Darla said…
My dear, Carnations are easy peasy to grow from seed. I just placed them in the garden, sprinkled with a thin layer of soil and watered...success rate, damn near 100%! They, like dainthus, which they are, do not like a lot of water or the blooms will give it a go!
Nell Jean said…
Forced bulbs give you such heart, knowing the others will be along soon.

Your little sketches are similar to mine. Such fun to plan, so good to have in hand when it is time to plant.
Isabelle said…
Hello Amy,
Glad to meet you through GBBD !
I love the way you shoot and your rosettes are lovely.