Deals, Steals and Daffodil Wheels

If you were wondering if spring will ever arrive, here is proof...
Of course, it is forced indoor proof, but proof nonetheless that spring will arrive soon!  
This is my first daffodil to bloom from THIS FORCING and the first of the forsythia branches to strut its stuff.  

Daffodils and Forsythia will be for sale this Saturday at the MARKET (3rd and G behind the record store) 
if you are in the Harrisburg area! (while supplies last)

The deals and steals?  
Well, all of this stuff is from the curb, 2 dressers, a desk and an old firewood holder...oh and a chair.  
They look like a pile of junk, but give me a week!
Don't mind the mess...spring cleaning still hasn't happened in the garage quite yet :)

They will get a little polish or maybe paint and some sanding and new hardware...simple little fixes a bit like these lovelies...
They were $4.50...a bit more than I usually spend, but I am LOVING those backs and the wood was in pretty good condition.  
I just polished them well and recovered the seat.

They are supposed to be for sale, but they are currently standing sentry by the dining room because I love them too much :)

Last but not least, I picked up this atlas for $1 on our date night. 

Yes, I restrained myself and only bought one thing at the thrift store.  

Perhaps it was because it was date night.  

Yes, we went to the thrift store on date night (he's nice isn't he??).  

Perhaps I only spent $1 because I knew the rest I could spend on skeeball at Chuck E Cheese.  

Yes, we went to Chuck E Cheese sans kiddos on date night.  

I won at basketball.  

He won at skeeball and baseball and football...but who's counting?


omg.. i have been looking for that same firewood holder for months!! you lucky, lucky girl!! :P
I do feel lucky :) It is a fun find...I'm still thinking of what to do with it...did you have any ideas in mind?
jandjhome said…
You have to keep those chairs. I love them.
meg said…
daffodils are a favorite of mine! and i LOVE those chairs! we refinished our dining room table chairs three years ago, but they have gotten too old and are now falling apart :( so sad. but time to find some new antique ones!

and i LOVE that you won at basketball and wrote that in large font :)
Grace said…
I like the new look of the chairs.
I thought of you this weekend. I dismantled my futon and cast it out.
I looked at the great wooden arm rests and wondered..."I wonder if Amy would like these?" LOL
Can you imagine those being delivered to you?
The chairs look great! I think I would have a hard time parting with them.

Congratulations on winning at basketball!!!

New follower from Twisted Thursday :)
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Becky Jane said…
Daffodils and forsythia! Spring is on it's way here too...there are a few bulbs peeking out of my flowerbeds!
A Vintage Vine said…
Those chairs are perfect! I love their vintage look and they are perfect flanking the door! Visiting from 3 Lake Cottage!
beth said…
Yay!! Spring is coming soon! We have some bulbs peeking up. We will have flowers before we know it! Love the photos of your daffodils! Just beautiful! I wish I could take pictures like that.
I love the little chairs. They are too cute! You should keep them!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Erin Zacharda said…
You are too funny! Love that you went to Chuck E. Cheese and the thrift store on date night - sounds like a good time!
The chair makeover looks great! You scored some great finds!
Thanks for linking up to The After Party! Looking forward to following your blog :)
lots of great stuff! wow!
date night and you went thrifting? you ARE a lucky girl!
Chuck e cheese! hahahah sounds like a fantastic time.
can't wait to see what you do with all these goodies!
Circle of Bliss !
Great finds...cute cute chairs!

Jimi Ann said…
That's so funny -- my husband I go to Goodwill when on a date! We love to browse through the aisles without children. Now we haven't tried Chuck E. Cheese...