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30 March 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

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After living in DC and visiting a multitude of times, I had never once seen the cherry blossoms in bloom and for someone who got
engaged at the Jefferson, that's kind of a crime.  So, inspired by Paradise Under Glass, we went to DC this weekend 
...and the blossoms really are this beautiful...

Yes, those are cherry trees along the entire border of the the tidal basin...

We kept thinking about the people of Japan and what an incredible gift the cherry trees were.
They must be proud when they visit and see the beauty they have blessed our country with, don't you think?

...and although I was tempted to take a cutting, I headed the warnings
not to take the branches and instead just hopped over the barriers to get some photos.
Do you know how hard it is to get photos of the cherry blossoms without people in it?
This was was the best I could get of the Jefferson Memorial with the crowds of people swarming it...
 ...and the spot we were engaged?  
Well, I couldn't even get close because it was covered in fences due to a construction project.

...on a happier note, I have lots of DIY projects and CHICKENS to post about the next few days
...no more gardening posts (for a few days at least...)


Inspire Me Heather Thursday, March 31, 2011  

That looks so pretty! Oh and you can post about gardening anytime, girl!

jandjhome Thursday, March 31, 2011  

I love cherry blossoms in bloom. So pretty.

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! Thursday, March 31, 2011  

Cherry Blossoms are wonderful especially during the spring time! Spring time always makes me miss Japan, as I have always enjoyed 'hanami' or 'flower viewing' at this time of the year when I was still in Japan.

Lori Thursday, March 31, 2011  

These pictures are just beautiful!!

Becky Jane Thursday, March 31, 2011  

Mass plantings of trees in bloom are breathtaking! We live in cherry and peach orchard country and the acres of blossoms are so beautiful...still have a month or so before they pop open.

What a neat place to get engaged...

Kelley Monday, April 04, 2011  

Beautiful photos. I wish I could visit DC to see the trees!

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