There's a storm outside...time for some Man Chili

On cold days like this....I start flipping through the cookbooks trying to find something warm and spicy...

I like chili with lots of "broth" and tomatoes.  Until I got married, I didn't realize that man chili consists of mainly meat.  

Lots of meat with a spices and tomatoes.  
Little if any broth...little if any tomatoes.  

So I compromised...and I'm trying to learn how to make true man chili.  
I still haven't gotten final husband approved man chili, but I'm getting close thanks to a new recipe from Mad Hungry. 

The recipe is pretty simple...

Saute onions until translucent in a little oil, add in hot sauce...HELLO orange onions!
Add in some beef!

I forgot to add in the garlic in the first step with the onions, so I added it in with the beef.  
I slid the beef all the way to the side, so the garlic had a little space to do its thing for awhile.  
Just like breaking the egg into the pan while cooking fried rice...give it a minute or two to saute on its own, then you can mix it back in with the meat.

...looks just ok, but smelling great at this point...

 Drain a little bit of the don't have to get all of it because you'll lose a lot of flavor if you drain it too well...although if you want this chili to be low calorie, you should drain it pretty well...although men might not like it as much is you take the fat flavor out of it...and on and on and on goes the debate...

When the beef has just turned from red to brown, add in your spices.  You can pick and choose 
depending on your tastes, but I added in:

 - a few bay leaves
 - 1-2 T each of cumin, coriander, paprika and white pepper
 - as much chili powder as you can handle
 - a few dashes of hot sauce
 - {I also added in salt, but the chili got too salty and I had to turnip it out when I added in the Parmesan, so I would wait on salt...}

How's that for precise?

The next step is to add in tomatoes...hubby doesn't like them, but he has to compromise a teensy bit to get at least some veggies.  

You can use whatever you have on hand, but I had these wonderful San Marzanos (say it like Mozart) from Ollies nonetheless, so they went in.  The easiest way to cut these is to just dip your scissors right into the can and snip snip snip.  I buy these cheap scissors from IKEA and just use them in the kitchen until they lose their sharpness...then they go into the project box.  

At this point I added in a little might be a little overkill...but when you have a bottle of something labeled "chipotle" you have to honor your favorite burrito joint when you can...

The chili looked a little too thin, so I sawed off a chunk of Parmesan and added it to the mix.  This works great for any soup to thicken it a bit and give it flavor, but beware your salt levels.   I ended up throwing a raw turnip into the chili to draw out some of the salt (raw potato works for this as well!), but you could save this step by not adding salt at all...just the parm.  If you need salt when the dish is complete, you can always add it in then...

 Put the cheese under some hot chili and keep it stirring to melt it into the chili.  
It will burn if you leave it sit on the bottom of the pan without giving it a swoosh now and again.


Serve with homemade tortilla chips and a little shredded cheddar...

Approval of man chili from little man :)

What have YOU been cooking up to warm up your tummy?!


jess said…
so THAT's how you do a fried rice egg! I haven't made it often enough to learn the right way...but i always scrambled it in another pan.

i don't have an excellent man CHILI recipe, but i DO have a meatloaf recipe called Get-A-Man, Keep-A-Husband Meatloaf. ;-) It does the job. (and there are no tomoatoes or tomato products in it)
mamakakes said…
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Jess!! You MUST share your meatloaf recipe!! Post post haste!
Christy said…
Mmm! Looks delicious! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You're a WONDERFUL photographer!
I'm so hungry now!! Looks amazing!
you said " chili consists of mainly meat.".
actually pizza too!
they (men) love all meat! sigh!
Show Me Mama said…
That looks yummy! Thanks for sharing
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