the most exciting news....

...exciting for me at least :)  

First off you blogger friends ever feel like your life is a bit disorganized until you get it blogged?  Sometimes I feel a bit chaotic when the camera card and files are full of photos and blog posts are half written and there is too much to do in real life, so they just sit there.  It is such a great feeling to delete those memory cards and send those folders to the recycle bin because the posts are published.  Does anybody else feel like that?  Am I the weird one??  Anyway, I was able to finish up downloading the bits and pieces on my camera and it feels so GOOD!  

Moving on to the news though...I am so excited to share some big news, but am also a little hesitant.  I think I'll tease you a bit...the news has to do with these:

...and lots of bowls of these:

...and lots of things that look like this:

....and some things that are still only half complete...

Then there are the vintage pieces...
and the fresh flowers...
and the painted furniture...

Have you guessed my news yet?

Let me help you out a little....remember how excited I was in THIS POST?

go on....check it out, I'll wait for you....

While I was waiting, I cut out a couple of these little paper garlands....they will be on sale for $2.59...

....on sale in my s.t.o.r.e.

yes...I said store.

my darling husband got me a the market...THE Saturday Market...
...where Amish boys smile at you and sell you homemade salted caramels and vendors that speak no English selling bags of like 50 pairs of  Spiderman socks for $5.  Where there is a bookseller with a stall bigger than a 1/4 acre city plot and now where A Nest for All Seasons will have a storefront.  

So why the hesitation?
It's scary.  Scary to actually try to sell your stuff.  
Scary to tell your blogger friends and have them think that you're crazy for trying to sell your stuff.
You understand, right?


So excited to hear your news!!! Sounds pretty cool to me:) And that project looks to be super awesome.
Alison said…
Very scary and exciting! I hope you sell out of absolutely everything...because it's all gorgeous!
Wow this is awesome! Congratulations on your news! Thanks for stopping by Jenna Sais Quois! I am excited to check out more of your blog. Very creative, and gorgeous photos.
Grace said…
I'm sure you will have much success. Congrats
Home of 6 said…
you already did the scariest signed the lease. now comes the fun part- designing, creating and displaying- oh yeah and selling.
enjoy the ride and remember to have fun with it.
You guys are the sweetest :) :) :)
congratulations and good luck to you!
i hope you sell a lot of stuffs!
I hope so too Charlotte!! I really really hope so...:)
Aw those are so sweet! I like your new look too - didn't you win a bloggy makeover when we did the blog critique? Well, it looks fantastic here - nice and fresh, beautiful!
I love yarn wreaths! I'm making a few myself! And felt know I love those :) I would like to get a booth somewhere and sell too!
Heather...I did win a blog makeover...working on the post now about how wonderful is...they were so awesome!
Becky Jane said…
Go ahead and sell your stuff! I just wish i could be there to get some of it for myself!

Your new blog design is beautiful! Very tempted to do the same!