Tempering the good with the bad...

Flax seed is good.  Marshmallows...not so much.  

I want my boys to eat flax seed.  They aren't going to do it unless some marshmallows are involved.

So, I temper the good with the bad and hope the ratio will work out so their little bodies are healthy and happy.  These "treats" are packed full of good things, but they are similar enough to rice krispies treats that the kiddos think they are a treat. 

There is no "recipe" really.  
Just a formula.  

You need a binder and sweetener (marshmallows, honey) and some fat (butter).  Then you add in all your good stuff.  

Start with the bad stuff though...bury 1/2 stick of butter or so and a half bag of marshmallows in a non-stick pot and put in on med-high on the stove.  You don't want the marshies to burn, so stay close to the stove.  (Feel free to adjust quantities...you need about 1 part bad stuff for 2 parts good...)

Then, you collect all of the good stuff.  
This time I had cranberries, sunflowers seeds, flax meal and oats.  
Oats are the constant, as is some type of dried fruit, but otherwise, 
mix in any grain and seed and healthy bits you want your kids to eat.

The marshies take a few minutes to loosen up and melt, but once they start, 
it will happen quickly and you need to stir constantly while they fully melt.

The butter melts at first, then your marshies will be covered in melted butter (YUM!) 
and then in an instant it will break and become a white mixture akin to marshmallow fluff.  
At this point, quickly TAKE IT OFF OF THE HEAT and dump in all your good stuff and STIR right away.

 The mixture will ball up pretty quickly in the pot.  If it doesn't, you need to add more binder...

Tip the finished ball out into a greased pan.

 Spread it out a bit and wait for it to cool.  

We just take to it with fingers and spoons, but if you would like to be civilized, 
either make a bigger batch or use a smaller pan to hold the bars.  
When they are fully cooled, you can cut them into actual bars. 


jess said…
amy--every time i read one of your posts--either here or on your allenaim, it makes me want to live in your neck of the woods. i think we could get into a lot of fun stuff together. And Jesus knows how much Mr. E needs a little more testosterone in his life with these two sisters mother henning him!! I wish my boy could hang out with yours!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!

oh--and thanks for this idea. i try to sneak flax seed in where ever i can, but i hadn't thought of this.
What a finger licking yummy recipe!!! Great photos! Thanks for stopping by the Applesauce Inn!

See you around!

Jamie~your Innkeeper
Sara said…
That really does look good. What a great way to sneak in the good stuff on the junk food junkies.

Just think... if you use the 50/50 butter blend with Omega 3 it's even "healthier" :0)

I hopped over from "Recipes I Can't Wait to Try". Can't wait to try this one...
HaleyLeann said…
Yummy!!! I need these right now! Problem is I'm out of marshmallows. I guess I'll have to make some! Homemade marshmallows rock. You should try them in this, then you don't have to worry about the high fructose corn syrups. =) Thanks for linking up on Recipes I Can't Wait to Try! Be sure and come back this week to enter my giveaway!
LOVE this. A healthy alternate to a tasty treat. Great idea.

I'd love for you to share this recipe on my linky for Sweet Tooth Friday. http://alli-n-son.com/2011/03/03/monster-cookies/
Brenda said…
I have been trying new recipes, and these look like a fun, I just started the ts blog hop where I found your site and you have some great recipes. I like this one because it is healthier than most kids desserts and I think my kids will eat them!
You are a god among mere mortals! Brilliant! I'm so doing this. Thank you! It's my first time here...thanks so much for the inspiration! I'll be back soon for sure.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner
Anonymous said…
I liked the article, but some disagree
Megan said…
This looks yummy! I like that there are some healthy elements to it as well. Happy New Year!
The recipe you describe here could be a fun way to help children eat their oats, grains and fruit. Thank you for sharing.