Steal Packaging.

You heard me.  Steal packaging.  Stores throw dumpster after dumpster of trash away everyday. Trust me, I worked for Eddie Bauer for years and was absolutely shocked at the amount of trash.  Frightened actually.  Well, to be truthful, I was more frightened of what might be hiding IN the giant trash compacting dumpsters than the actual trash I was putting into them {there were stories of homeless men sleeping in them}, but you get the point.

Stores have to package their goods to get the goods safely to the store.  The store doesn't need the packaging once the items have arrived.  Do NOT steal the items...but go ahead and steal the packaging if it is headed for the dumpster.

Are you with me??  See these boxes of tile?  I bought the tile, and kept them in the boxes they were displayed in.  trust me, Lowe's will NOT be reusing those little boxes.   I however, can repurpose them into storage for the pantry.

See them?  They are purple now :)

How about these whatchamacallits from IKEA?

They were protecting pots en route, but I think they are quite perfect as:


Then there are these rolls of director's chairs that I've been turning into pocket organizers. 

They come in a tube of plastic that is PERFECT for making little favor bags if you cut it in half. 

You won't save millions, but you'll feel a tiny bit better about how much trash you are producing and you'll feel a tiny bit better about the copious amount of money you are spending on hot glue to complete all your crafty projects.

...not to mention the sticks from the chairs that become peg board hooks and the tops of the chairs which become rice packs and the scraps from those that become rosettes...the list goes on and on.  

The point is:  Use what you've got!


Grace said…
I'm all for using what you have. I use to call it 'Early Attic' decor because I felt deprived. Now I realize I'm just a whole lot thriftier and imaginative than others. So what should we call our sense of style Amy?
I'm a girl... said…
Thanks for the comment on my swiffer post over at my blog! I love getting comments! Your blog is great- I can't stop searching and reading your posts! It's a great one stop blog-shop for so many interesting things!
Love it! You are too creative!!
I love reusing boxes and packing materials. You never know when your going to need that little piece of corrugated cardboard or that little box for organizing something in a drawer , plus's free:). Thanks for the ideas!
Have a great week!