It was so exciting last week to be featured on IKEA Hackers not once, twice, but three times!!  YES!!  You can check out the project under the page "for DIY folks" if you're interested!

Today's hack is perhaps the simplest AND cheapest that I've ever done.  I wanted a large surface in the basement to use as a desk/ crafting area and for the little bit of peace of mind seeing a big empty space.  

I found 2 thick, large black panels (I have NO idea what they are supposed to be for...can anyone tell??) that were 49 cents each.  49 CENTS EACH.  So I bought them and put them on top of two filing cabinets we had in the basement.  Instant desk.  Of course, I will be looking for amazing clearance table legs the next time through IKEA's as-is section, but for now...I am a happy camper having a desk for less than a dollar.

Below is the before photo of a mass of STUFF...

Doesn't that desktop make you breathe a little easier??


Fabulous! The space is completely evolving into a thing of beauty. Great hack!

Tara said…
That is awesome!! Great idea!
awesome! I love it, so simple, and so frugal!
Johnnie said…
Nice! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday last week. I am following your blog now. Blessings!

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