Odyssey of the Mind...for babies....

Does anyone remember Odyssey of the Mind?  We called it OM.  It was mostly a chance to hang out with our friends, but we did some mind bending activities sometimes.  I remember we made a self-feeding machine for a quadriplegic.  I also remember we did these activities where they would give us a few objects and we would have to solve a problem.  ...like build a bridge inside this box with three balloons and a string.  It was silly.  It was fun.  I hope it made me a slight bit smarter.

I decided to test out OM with my kiddos this week.  Every day, I'm giving them a bunch of objects and seeing what they come up with.   Today, I piled a bunch of recyclables and let them pick.  They made robots.  Stu's was especially impressive with a warming chamber for the shooter.  No, I don't know what that is either.  I figure it is the first of many, many things I will not understand that my son understand with perfect clarity.

Check out their work...

That's how his Daddy looks when he's concentrating too...

Hello Hank!  Where is your sock?!?

Note that finger pointing...I'm getting a lecture about robot function...Hello again Hank!

This is as close as I got to getting a photo of a finished product.  
By the time I got the camera out again the robots had been disassembled "to create something else out of the boxes".  
I guess that's a sign the smartness is taking, right?

Oh, and if you fear that the creativity in our home is purely intellectual, fear not.  These boys have mad dancing skills too...


grace said…
No better toy than a box. My sister and I use to build forts and I thought everyone knew you had to have a warming chamber for the shooter. They just don't work well cold...LOL
OMG! I enjoyed the video so much!
You have lovely boys. And I know about constructing stuffs and their fascinating with boxes!
Oh yeah, just like my son... Yours look very handy and creative too!