Cutting Boards and Trivets = Clipboards and Corkboards in my World

The last of the IKEA Hacks! least for now...

This is one of the simplest hacks I've done, but one of my favorites.  
It is a drawer front (from a dresser I believe), and the best part is the angled top which will hold a writing utensil nicely once it is hung on the wall.  

This board has the same angled top, but I added cork trivets as cute circular corkboards for a change of pace.  
Those little rosettes are attached to pins, so they can be removed (maybe grey is more your style?)

I also used a trivet on a cutting board...and the little wire holding the pencil is the top of the ruler ripped off.

...and because I am a bit fanatical about clothespins and because I found a GIANT bag of them for $1...
...there were a few more, but let's not go too crazy IKEA hacking...

Inquiring minds...the panels were all between $1-2, clothespins were under $1, trivets are $1.99 for 3, the cardboard cutouts were from packaging and the letters were under $1.  The photos are mainly myself and my boys.


That's great! I'm liking your hacks - keep em' coming!
I'm a girl... said…
I blogged a craft project that I did in my home using clothes pins. They really are a nifty lil' thing to have laying around!
love these hacks!! (new follower from circle of bliss :)