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This final post (I hear cheering from the non-gardeners!!)  is a sweet and short one.  Follow all of the same procedures outlined in Chapters 1 and 2, but this time, don't buy anything.  Just save your berry containers and your doggy bag plasticware from Olive garden and anything else that has a clear plastic top.

This first flat is made up of all leftover plant containers.  Most of the plants were clearance plants to begin with, so the containers are just a bonus.  I put several small pots in a flat and then cover it with a clear plastic top after adding snow (see Chapter 2!).  

Do you want to know the most perfect accessory for wintersowing?   A Rotisserie Chicken.  I'm not kidding...the packing is incredible for plants.  The bottom is dark so it provides warmth to the soil, the clear plastic top serves as a greenhouse, inviting condensation and warmth.  The greatest advantage to the chicken container though is its height.  It is tall enough to allow seedlings to get a little taller and allows more air circulation so tiny plants don't suffocate and die.

Do you have any creative ideas for winter sowing containers?  

Would you like to show off your rows and rows of milk cartons and yogurt cups?  

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