What exactly is a tapestry?

I was a bit confused when I saw these "tapestries" on sale at Target.  It was last fall when all the college dorm stuff went on sale and I realized that they were marketing a giant sheet of fabric as a "tapestry" to put over your bed.  They were charging $20.  Brilliant Target.  Honestly brilliant.

Anyway, back to shopping...they were marked down to $4.98, so I picked up the two they had left.  I am always a fan of fabric that has been hemmed already because I hem like a child.  (badly!)  So I didn't have anything specifically in mind for these panels until a week ago when I decided it was time to rework the kitchen and get rid of the curtains with green hens (I'm not kidding!).

I also used the fabric for two curtains for the sink window that aren't up yet, and then I used the leftover scraps to make these:
        ...and these:
          and this:
Tell me that's not worth 5 bucks?!?

The 2nd $5 tapestry covers the kids' table when it isn't in use :)

The pantry got a few little purple and steel touches too and a little artwork rounded out the project.


I really love the use of purple in your kitchen not often a colour used but looks great