Stale Tortillas = Homemade Tortilla CHIPS!

I used fresh tortillas for this, but stale tortillas are even better.  Quit throwing them out and make some chips!
Keep cutting into wedges from the outside into the center point.  I did three wedges per piece.

Spray a pan with non-stick spray.  Any pan works as long as it has edges.  
Attempt flipping chips on a cookie sheet with no sides and you will absolutely end up dropping chips on the floor
and on the bottom of the stove and in that terrible little crack in between the stove and the door...just trust me...
use a pan with sides.   I use this griddle (thanks Uncle Tom and Aunt Kelly!!)

Sprinkle on a little kosher salt and lime juice.  That is it.  Plop them in a 350 degree oven.

How long?  Ummm...until they look like this:

Flip those puppies over when you start to see just a few of those little brown bubbles.  
Leave them for a few more minutes until they look like this (scientific I know...):

Pull them out quick...they burn fast!  Serve with some salsa or a steaming bowl of chili.... the words of a master...yummo...


Oh yummy! What about a little cilantro salsa to go with them???? Thanks for the recipe, I have some tortillas in the freezer so I can make these up tonight!
grace said…
Well now I'm hungry. I use to make my own tortillas. I was so good and my husband wonders now what happened because of my non cooking ways.
I think I'll try this for the week end. Hope your staying safe and warm.
you know what, i will be trying this today. thanks for sharing!