Some people say a penny can't buy you anything nowadays. I disagree...

           Give me two pennies and I'll buy you tile. 

                 No, I am not kidding.  

These white tiles were marked 2 cents.  Of course, they were originally only 74 cents, but still, 2 CENTS!

I know, i think I'm making it up, but I'm NOT!  Look! of course I bought them.  all of them.  without a plan.

I knew I hated the tile backsplash in our kitchen, and I knew that I love white and use it everywhere, 
and I knew that if it didn't work for the backsplash, it would work for a kid's project, so I bought them.  

all of them.  with kind-of a plan.

When I got home, I looked at the backsplash that I hate...
..and then I had a crazy idea to make a 3D layering of tile just like I had done with the button on my new whiteboards.  

What?  You haven't seen that project yet?  It's right here.  

See how those buttons overlap and are layered on top of one another?  I was inspired by the screws that hold it to the wall.  What?  huh?!?  Well, you see the nails needed to be covered up, and that kind of problem is always pretty inspiring to me.  In fact, I usually come up with better ideas when I have a "problem" to work around.   

Anyway, back to tile, I used the same concept and came up with this:

I kind of love it.  No, not kind of.  I love it.  ...and it cost less than a dollar.  

UPDATE:  This project was taken on because we KNEW we were ripping everything in the kitchen out in a couple years, so if something failed, it was no big deal.  However, I ended up loving the look!  Lots of commenters over at Apartment Therapy made a big deal about the "cleaning nightmare" that this would be.  It is not a cleaning disaster AT ALL.  I honestly just ran a white cloth behind all of the tiles and they totally passed the white glove test - NO PROBLEMS at all with cleaning.  The tiles are on one small section of the kitchen and DO NOT go behind the stove, so no grease issues whatsoever.  CLICK HERE to see the full view of the tile and our $10 "granite" countertops!

UPDATE YEAR 3: Cleaning behind this is STILL not an issue!  I still love the backsplash and we have not updated it because...well...I still like it!  We DID however replace our fake granite with the real thing and it is a wonderful improvement!


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Grace said…
The 3 D effect is brilliant and very artistic. Super idea!
rebecca said…
I think thats so awesome! I love it. Totally creative
What a great find! You are so crafty thinking of doing it as a 3D backsplash. How fun!
Bella Michelle said…
I would have bought them all myself (without a plan!!!). Great find.

Thanks for coming by Southern Somedays! I love finding new creative souls to follow.
Haha, wow! That is amazing, and it looks GREAT! =)

Jenifer said…
that looks great! and its a sweet deal!!!
I think the #D effect is really smart and creative. I hope it will be easy to clean though.
Joan said…
Love the look but have a question. Are the tiles finished on all four edges? If not did you sand them, paint them? Some tiles are pretty rugged around the edges
Hi Joan -

They are finished on the top like a typical backsplash tile, but the three sides are unfinished. Many of the sides are connected to other tiles and there are a few that are just bare and an unfinished edge. It doesn't really bother me in look...still far better than the ivy :)

The unfinished edge is still sanded and the same color as the front, so it blends in fairly well and the whole shebang is behind quite a bit of kitchen stuff, so you get the 3d, textured look and don't typically look very closely.

If you were to do this project the right way, you could spend a little more on corner pieces, but that kind of defeats my whole purpose of a quick cover up for cheap :) hasn't been an issue. The tiles are behind the sink side of the kitchen, so not a TON of food prep happens on that side. I just wipe them down as normal and haven't noticed anything getting "caught" behind the tiles beyond a little dust. A little swoop with a toothbrush now and again takes care of it, but I don't worry about it so much :)
Tracy said…
It looks great as far as I can see. I sure would like a view from a bit further away. Very cool idea!
Thanks Tracy! Here is a view from further away:
willg said…
Awesome idea, I've been looking into replacing our Backsplash Tile for forever, but I lacked the inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
this looks awesome!! And a great solution to my tired white tile backsplash in my kitchen. I'm kissing you right now. On the cheek of course.
Amy Renea said…
Oh c'mon janel - go in for the LIPS!
Wiley the Cat said…
Came across this as I was seeking an alternative back splash for a small bathroom we just built. The area above our sink has no defined top or sides so I love your idea allowing for an uneven fall off. Please tell me, what type of glue did you use to adhere the tiles to each other? Thanks! Deborah