newspaper birdies I had these various canvases and a big open spot on the wall.    I gave them a coat of paint and then went to work on them with a few simple supplies I had around the house.  In the spirit of all things NEST, here are my newspaper birdies.

I started with these painted canvases:

...add in some paper from an old book lying around:

A few tools later...namely scissors and these:
 This is what I had around the house (note the clearance stickers :)  
White glue with water, mod podge or any number of other products would work.

...and I got to work...
The results are HERE in Part 2!


Oh no! I got all the way to the bottom with curiosity piqued and now I have to wait. :)
Wait no longer!! :)
Kjerstin said…
I love this . . . but did you seriously chop a book?!?!?! :)