newspaper birdies PART 2

Here is the placement on the wall.  The goal was to somewhat camouflage that wire running up and down the wall.  I half succeeded I think :)  
Anyway, here are a few more closeups.
A few more closeups?  Sure! :)
I love that this one looks kind of like a crow instead of a sweet little birdy.

Lovebirds :)
Close-up of nest detailing

This little birdy has his wings a flappin' in the wind...see them?


I love the way these look in black and white, but since I'll get grief if I don't post a few in color, here goes!! :)
Total Cost Canvases $3.25 + some free... (Check out dollar section clearance @ Target!)
                      Book  $.25
                      Glues  $1.00 or so

If you are interested in making your own cheap, almost free artwork, the very basic "tutorial" (it's so basic I don't know if I should even call it that...) is HERE!