Mashmallow and Toothpick Construction

It starts with these:
 ...and these...
...add in a few boys...
Thanks to daddy for playing along on his birthday :)
Thanks to preschool and Ashley Ann for the inspiration to construct!


Mrs. E said…
Following you back from Tickle Me Tuesday. Very neat ideas. I will be sure to check back for more. :)
msposhb said…
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Aw how sweet!

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Grace said…
I love the marshmallow idea and using them as tinker toys. On this project pick up would be easy as they'd probably eat them.
My husband and my grand kids make magnet sculptures and the kids really go for that too.
thanks for stopping by my blog!

I love this idea - I actually did this with my 1st graders when I was teaching but had forgotten all about it!

You just agve me great inspiration! :)

this is a great idea! it could possibly just take my boys' interest. my 4-year old loves constructing stuffs ...
well-to-do said…
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Thanks, and cheers.
Marie said…
We've done this type of "construction" here too and it's lots of fun -- especially since you can eat the marshmallows when you're done :-)

I'm a new follower!
Predictable Me said…
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