Inquiring minds want to know...who is Andrea?

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you might have met Andrea.  She hangs out with Grace Becky and Meg as my cheerleader commenters :)  Andrea is that commenter you always dream of having.  She says sweet thing and encouraging things, but best of all...she asks relevant questions.  She's like the editor you wished you had making sure you don't accidentally write curse words in you posts (if you aren't trying to of course...) and making sure you include vital details.

Take this recent post about my 1005th IKEA cabinet door project.  Andrea was the one who brought it to my attention that I didn't tell you guys how to even attach those puppies to the wall.  Long story short...screws.  Whenever I have something heavy to hang up, I ask dh to screw it to a stud and he happily (I think!) obliges.

You see, I need my creativity to be sparked.  when I look at a blank canvas, I don't see much.  I dont' know where to start.  I don't know where I want to end up.  ...but if that same canvas has paint spilled onto it by a baby, or cat footprints tracked across a corner, I am immediately inspired by various ways to cover up the mistakes.  So, I use my husband to spark my creativity.  He chooses where to screw the boards into the walls (given a couple parameters such as "not too close to the edge!"  or "at least a few inches apart!") and he randomly attaches them.  Then , it is my job to be creative and cover them up.  For these boards it was putting the pockets on over the screws.  The pockets are just attached with hot glue by the way :)

For this whiteboard project, the buttons cover up the screws.

If you take a tour through my house and look closely, you'll see lots and lots of coverups. :)

...but back to know you want to meet her, right?   You SHOULD want to meet her...she's amazing.  Well, hop yourself right on over to HER BLOG, check out her {AWESOME} writing...and just tell her I sent you :)