I paid $10 for Granite Countertops

Well kind of.  I was inspired by Grace and the Oops counter at Lowe's that had 2 gallons of greyish granite paint.  
I didn't know "granite paint" existed, but I'm happy it does!  

I'm even happier that they were marked down to $5 from $42.  (so is my husband...)

I wanted to complement the smoothness of the wood and white finishes already in the kitchen, 
so the rough finish of this paint was perfect.

The men of the family spent a night ripping out the green laminate...

By the way, the plan is to expand the kitchen a bit and get really nice real stone countertops in a few years, 
so if the paint didn't work out, it would be ok.  It is still better than icky green.  





 So the changes were small, but signifigant.   The total rundown is this:

1.  Countertops - granite paint, $10
2.  Hardware - I had the larger hardware and painted the knobs to match - maybe $10 at most...
3.  Backsplash - White tile - < $1 and stone - $6
4.  Floor - about $25
5.  Rug - $3.74 from target clearance
6. Fabric - $4.98 from target clearance

TOTAL - around $60-70 for a little shakup redo...not bad, eh?

I'm a little behind my self-imposed posting schedule, but bear with me...I will give more details on the white backsplash (it is 3D!  for a dollar!!) , the fabric (it goes WAY beyond those door panels...) and the kid's section next to the kitchen (yes, there are MORE IKEA panels! :)

What have YOU been building?

...yes I realize there is a paint stick on the floor and a dirty rag on the recycling bin...ah well...

UPDATE:  As of June 2012, we finally were able to purchase the stone countertops we have always wanted thanks to Apartment Therapy and Cottonelle - THANK YOU!  The granite paint held up, but the cardboard under the paint did not do so hot.  This project was definitely worth it to ditch the green laminate, but NOT as a long term solution.  Think long and hard before pulling up the laminate or painting it because you will probably need to replace those counters in a few years!   ...but long story short -- I'm so glad I spent the 10 bucks and got rid of that green -- it saved my sanity for a year or so ;)

PPS I left THIS TILEWORK even though the other solid surfaces were replaced.  I love it that much.  ...and yes I did snub my nose at all the haters when I left it there...cleaning scpleaning....

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jess said…
I saw the paintstick and figured on of the boys put it there and i didn't even notice the dirty rag! :-)

I like how the water is running and H's piggies are sticking out in the first picture.

I think it looks WONDERFUL.
I didn't know Target had fabric...although, now that i think about it...are those their $5 clearance sheet sets from this past fall?!? fabulous!

My favorite part is the turquoise tea kettle.

i wish i had time to comment all the comments i have when i read your blogs!! i read every last one and i always get excited when i see and amy update in my google reader!
Becky Jane said…
I am so ready to rip out my counters and redesign my whole kitchen, dining, and mud rooms!
Molly said…
Looks great! I would be too scared to do that, but your courage paid off! :)
Nicole said…
Just came by from blog hop and love your kitchen redo. I also looked at your photo blog, the wedding was gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.
I love how the men in your family worked. and loved the collage photo, like a comic strip - too funny, too cute!
Alison said…
I'm curious why you didn't just paint over the laminate?
new follower after seeing your link over at thriftydecorchick... would love a visit and follow back. i absolutely love the changes you made in your kitchen... amazing for 70 dollars (and free labor) :0)
I LOVE this!! I would love for you to share it at my Linky Party!


A Few Pennies said…
I didn't know granite paint existed either--your kitchen looks great!
mackenzie said…
I love granite countertops but its expensive. I didn't know they had granite paint. Your kitchen looks great. I'm going to have to get some for my kitchen. Thanks for the great info!
Anonymous said…
Your counter looks great and the rest does too. The little guys are too much. Glad to see they got in on the action. Your oldest one looks the same here as he does in person. Your parents are so proud of you. They talk about your boys all the time.
Advertise said…
That's an interesting expereince you had with your faux granite countertops. Glad to see that you were able to get the real thing! Congrats