I'm jumping out of my skin excited!!!

So on my LIST way down at the bottom on the "these goals can be pushed to 2012 without guilt", there is a little goal that says "Have a blog feature".  You might have missed it.  It's one of those goals that is scary to say because if it doesn't happen, it is a bit embarrassing.
Well, I wrote it anyway and today I was published on Design*Sponge.  THE Design*Sponge that is routinely featured on major national press outlets like the LA Times, the Nate Berkus show, countless magazine...THE Design*Sponge and they wanted to feature a project of mine.  DYING INSIDE.

Here is the link to Design*Sponge!
Here is the link to my original post of the project!

...the best part...this is the first of 3 emails that I have gotten in the past 2 days about blog features.  This is insane.  I am so excited...beyond belief...


AHH! That is so incredibly exciting!!
So exciting!!! congrats! found you via the mom blogs.com... was searching for pa bloggers like me! nice to meet you. :)
haha read your comment...probably should just e-mail you but this is easy enough.

i'm totally the same way with running laundry twice because i forget. oops. :)

i'm gonna check out your other site! and i'm in pittsburgh. of to look around some more :)