I hem like a child...

I am a big fan of using fabric that has already had some of the work completed for you.  I will often buy flat sheet or single curtain panels or any number of other premade fabric items on clearance.  Then I cut them up and use them for other projects, taking advantage or all those finished edges.   I just recently cut up this tapestry to use all over my kitchen and the adjoining room with the kid's table.  Once I added that fabric to the room, the black of my pocket organizers stuck out like a sore thumb, so I decided to replace them with white organizers.

I found a bunch of director chair covers at Lowes.  You know, the chairs that they write the stars' names on so they can "rest" while they are on set?  I found that they were absolutely perfect for making pocket organizers for non-seamstresses folks like myself. 

You see, the seaming and the hemming is almost all completely finished for you.  I like that.  a lot.  ...because my hemming looks like a child did it most of the time.

So here is a photo of a few of the black organizers I made a few weeks ago.

I really like the black, but once I finished adding in these boards to this offshoot of the kitchen, the black pulled too much attention and was distracting, so I made a couple white ones instead.   While I actually prefer the black when looked at alone, the creamy white works better as a whole for the room.



meg said…
amy!!!! i loved the video :) it was so good to "see" you again and hear your voice! you may hem like a child but at least you hem! i don't even know how to turn on a sewing machine, so i have to handstitch everything. i LOVE your kitchen projects and the makeover stuff you've posted lately. very awesome!!! love, love, love!!
Meg...you are too sweet :) You have a;lways been the best encourager EVER!!! Now I want to see a blog post on the naan you speak of on facebook...it sounds so yummy....did you make it? Did you make curry too?!?

OH...and I can't hand stitch a thing...not a buttonhole :)
Kjerstin said…
LOVE this! I'm enjoying my own Amy-made pocket organizers right by the front door to catch hats and mittens!
you are such a pro! and you look amazing! It is so nice to see the face and heat the voice behind the blog!
also, you are so patient. loved how you dealt with your boys. it was great to meet your boys!
Charlotte...you are so sweet {blush}...I don't feel like a pro :) I appreciate all you girlies supporting me though...thank you!
Caroro said…
Hello ! I just discovered your blog and really like it ! You behave so LOVELY with your kids :) Thank you for the nice moment I had seeing the video. I wish you a lot of success !
jude said…
I just saw this....so glad you didn't redo it, and posted it with thread issues, lovely boys and all!! You are so gentle and real and guiding with them here....that is quite a skilled gift!

I am in great need of organizing ideas! I recently moved to a smaller place, and don't have room for single purpose furniture....so using the walls in this affordable way is a really good start for me! Thank you for sharing your amazingness with us unedited! I still have yet to get to all categories of your blog....you are such an active force!