Free Bathroom cabinet - BEFORE and AFTER

 I found this cabinet on the curb on our way to school:

Now, please ignore the awful floor and will be gone soon...

The makeover was essentially free as I used things I already had around the house.  
The wallpaper on the shelves is leftover from THIS PROJECT, but would probably be less than $1.  
The knobs were bought on clearance for 98 cents each.  The baskets I had, but one was 25 cents and the other arouns $1.50. 

That little shelf on the top swings up to open and is the perfect size for extra toilet paper.

Those cute little things holding the Qtips were gifts from BIL Nick a few years ago.  
They have served as olive plates, pencil holders and now Qtip holders :)

 Again, PLEASE ignore the surrounding will get better soon...

Total Cost:  Cabinet: FREE
                          Wallpaper: $1.00
                          Baskets: $1.75
                          IKEA Items: GIFTS


Amy said…
You're amazing. You inspire me.
Andrea said…
Link "THIS PROJECT!" Link "THIS PROJECT!" I'm dying to know :)
Rene said…
Call me goofy, but I think the wall paper looks nice. And what a great road side find. I like your style.

Oh dear are the amazing one...seriously :) seriously, seriously!

THANK YOU Andrea! You are so my proof's linked :)

Rene -

I did too for a few months and now I kind of feel like I'm swimming in a sea of magnolias while I'm taking baths...a little much! I DID see the paper in a movie recently though...can't remember which one though...
Holly said…
WOW! That is such a great deal!! Can you find me one too?? LOL
Grace said…
I love your ideas. I had to laugh though because you wall paper was once in a room in my house. I think I chose it because it was in a Aunt's house that had departed this life and I was clinging to her still.
Somehow it did look good in that room. It was a large Victorian decor room.
meg said…
LOVE it!! i love that wallpaper you used to redo your laundry room... i may sound crazy, but i like the magnolia wallpaper in your bathroom too! i am ALL FOR cheap redecorating ideas!! love it!
Garah said…
My mom, Grace used to have that wall paper in her dining room when I was younger and a very similar floor! For a moment I thought that your post was hers because of the similarities! I looked at the pictures and thought, "that wallpaper wasn't as bad I remembered!" LOL
You did an outstanding job on the cabinet! It looks like something you'd pay a bazillion dollars for in some fancy boutique! You're a genius!