The Dungeon Playroom

We have the weirdest basement ever.  Everyone gets lost the first time downstairs because it is a combination of one large living room, a large bathroom, a weird "basementy" room with a door to outside, a door to the garage, a door to the laundry room AND a door to a weird walk through closet.  Walk through the closet and you used to be in another cement "basementy" bowling alley type room (Hey, a bowling alley is a fun idea for down there!).  Anyway, that room houses these kind of cool, kind of strange removable shelves that the water treatment components hide behind and a secret Daddy room.  Go through all that and you are back in the big room.  It's a complete maze.

Are you wondering why I wrote a long paragraph on our weird basement?  I wanted to show you pictures of our newish playroom, but needed you to get the full effect of what this room used to be.  The bowling alley/water treatment/basementy/Daddy's hidden room room also functions as our kid's "messy" playroom.  They have plenty of other places to play, but this is the space they can get out so many toys you can't walk through and accidentally color on the floor and it's ok and throw balls inside type of playroom.  Here's a before:
Those green shelves on the left are the removable shelves.  Daddy's room is behind the camera.  the large family room is off to the right and the rest of the "mazey" basement is ahead.  A little paint flipped the room to being a bit more fun!
This is that little cubby to the right in the before pic.  The boxes were from bebeRed's old room.  One blue tub we found in the burn pile at our new place and the other was a present from Nana.  Those footprints on the wall continue down to the floor where there are other animal prints.  The birdy prints lead to the little bird perched in the tree.  Unrealistic to have blue prints climbing walls, I know, but fun nonetheless~!
To the left are those removable shelves, and in front of you is the growth chart tree (left) the behavior reward tree (right) and basketball hoops.  The reward tree has little pieces of velcro that correspond to little green apples that the boys get when they are good.   I think my favorite part of this room is the floor.  I got this rug for $3 at a yard sale and the paint was less than $10 for all of it.
...or maybe my favorite thing is the fact that this little birdy got a face thanks to bebeRed. :)

So anyway...not my best decorating achievement, but better than before and a lot better for playtime!