Custom Whiteboards for $3-$5

If you have been following this blog, you are probably starting to think I'm a bit obsessed with IKEA (I am!).  You are probably starting to think I'm a bit obsessed with organization (I am!).  You probably think my walls are filling up fast with all the things I am hanging on them (They are!).  The things is, I have found that in a house full of boys, the best place to organize is on the wall.  Desks get covered front to back with random toys and books and game pieces and art projects.  Dressers and closets have clothes pulled out and thrown in over and over again.  Don't even get me started on the floor.  Walking in the basement often becomes a challenge of teetering on top of various piles of toys.  I am not kidding, nor am I exaggerating.  I have almost fallen multiple times.

The point is, the boys can't reach the walls.  (Yet...or unless they stand on chairs...which they haven't figured out for now...)  I can fill them with pretty things that keep our home organized.  The small things, right?

This was my current system in the kitchen.  It worked, but I thought it was a bit ugly.

 The next projects on my list of IKEA clearance finds were these two white panels (see them there beside the garbage can?).  The smaller panel was $3, the larger was $5.  I suspected that the finish would take dry erase marker.  I was happily right!  You can draw on these and erase easily.  If you use an eraser, they wipe clean.  If you wipe them with your fingers (like me), they can sometimes get a little streaky.  Every once in awhile, just run a damp rag over the whole thing and it is back to new.

This is about 1/2 way through the project.  The bigger panel was nailed into the wall and had some UGLY brown nails sticking out of it.   
I choose to remember that things get worse before they get better when it comes to home decor.  

My solution to covering the nails was to decorate the rims of the panels with buttons.  White and cream and ivory and linen colored buttons.  
I have a small collection of buttons, so these were all hanging out in a need to buy them :)

I glued the buttons (with hot glue of course!) in patterns around the borders and stacked some buttons to give height and depth to the design.

I know there is a big open space to the left of the small panel.  It will be filled, don't worry!  If you are wondering, the bottom panel is a star chart for the boys and the top chart is my to do is still very long...

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meg said…
i'm obsessed with ikea too... our apartment is decorated/furnished with 50% things from target and 50% things from ikea...
Oh - those are my cupboard doors! Yeah, I'm obsessed with Ikea too and love to hack their stuff! Great idea...