Beating it.

Motherhood is sometimes like a prison.  It's also wonderful in a multitude of ways, but oftentimes, it is just hard and I would love to escape it.  Anybody relate?  I'm sure you do...
Anyway, I can't escape the realities of dirt and noise, but I can tame them enough to keep my sanity.  I have an internal checklist of personal chores that I try to complete every day to fool myself into thinking that our home is organized and peaceful.  If I don't fool myself, I might go crazy.  like crazy, crazy.  Seriously.  These little chores help me beat it.  Beat the depression when I see a newly swept and mopped floor covered in Cheerio dust and want to give up cleaning.  forever.   Beat the annoyance when baby #1 knocks over the folded piles of laundry.  Beat the anger when baby #2 knocks over the whole basket of folded laundry because he wasn't watching where he was going.  Beat the fury when baby #3 knocks over the laundry on purpose.   Beat the desire to bang my head against the wall (literally!) when the baby is woken up.  again.  and again.   and again.  and again.  and it never feels like there will be peace and quiet ever ever again.    Then I remember that sooner than I can imagine it will be unbearably quiet and I will miss the crazy babies everywhere.  So I try to beat the human emotions and attempt to enjoy this crazy period of our lives.

Do you have a list of chores that give you back your sanity? What does your list look like?

1.  everyday either clean or work out to a whole cd.  (yes, I still listen to husband thinks I'm crazy)
2.  prepare the bed everyday.  even if it is 3:30 in the afternoon.  or 8:00 at night.
3.  shine the the afternoon...when no one will use it for at least 30 minutes...
4.  have at least 3 days a week that laundry is not being done in some form.
5.  make something.  clean something.  everyday.
6.  smell something good for at least the same amount of time that you have to small something bad.

update:  today I DID shine the sink, and I made a bunch of things and we cleaned up two rooms at least, but the's a

Tip #7:  You won't accomplish everything you write on a list.  Write lists with the expectation that some things will roll over to the next day.  ...or else you'll go crazy.  like crazy, crazy...


I feel you. I have so many crazy days too, actually it seems like everyday is crazy, with a restless little boy and an insatiable baby; and hubby always MIA over long hours of work. (He has to work hard for the money.)

I don't like chores. Chores to me are other stuffs to deal with. What beats the craziness around me is laughter. Somehow, I have learned to find the joke in all the misadventures of our daily lives, and I have learned to laugh about it.

Hang in there! Hugs!
Alison said…
Chores stink...esp. when you have little ones running around the house messing everything up! I do make lists, but since I'm a classic under achiever, the lists rarely get fully checked off. Sigh. As I speak my house is dusty, in need of vacuuming, and the kitchen?'s best to just not go in there more than is absolutely necessary right now. Sigh.