2011 the LIST

I don't really do resolutions.  I tend to fail and then feel bad and fail some more.  I do however do very well with lists and goals.  I make them every night (I think this is another similarity in the world of introverted bloggy mommies).  By the way, bloggy mommies...has anyone ever considered that the reason we blog online is to have one space we design and decorate that stays exactly the way we want it to??  No dirty hand prints on anything if we don't want the there right?  Anyway...bring on the list...

1. The FIRST of 52 is completed....now it is just 51 more days in a documentary challenge of our lives.
2. Grow lots and lots of roses and peonies!
3. Make a chicken coop.
4. Buy chickens to go in said coop.  Eat the eggs.
5. Keep working on hubby about the puppy issue.  Don't give up!
6. Don't get pregnant.  Get a puppy. (How's that for a bumper sticker?)
7. Do an art project once a week. (with kids or without)
8. Keep up with the boys' journals.  (I've actually done well so far...just a reminder to keep going :)
9. Shoot no more or less than 12 weddings and 30 other shoots.
10. Make enough in my business to cover the weekly grocery budget and school tuition.
11. Try all the recipes in Mad Hungry and JP and C (but eat little bites!)
12. Learn to use that knitting needle collection.

Those are the bloggish goals.  These are the more important ones...

1. Invest in the boys (3/100 steps)
2. Invest in my marriage (1/100 steps)
3. Invest in my relationship with God (0/100)
4. Send random gifts to old friends (0/5)
5. Pay for people behind me in line (0/5)

These are the transferable goals...those that may get passed on to 2012 without guilt :)

1. Get a puppy
2. Have a blog feature
3. Buy a piano 
4. Play something class A again 
5. Write something
6. Learn to play chess 
7. Visit Italy or France or anywhere else lovely
8. Penelope Pear

...if you thought I was kidding about the list...I kid you not.  This is the winter "project list".

1. Seat and back for Rocker/Refinish
2. Paint and felt wicker box
3. Put Christmas away/reorganize boxes
4. TRIX Posing Guides - see HERE
5. Crown canvases - fabric artwork
6. Painted canvases - newspaper birdies  - see HERE!
7. Hang artwork in pantry
8. Frost some glass
9. Burn monograms on downstairs cork
10. Scrabble art - see HERE and HERE!
11. Finish screen...in progress...kind of
12. Leann's baby pillow
13. Crayon cozies and needle felts
14. Brittle toffee with sea salt (but only little bites!)
15. Recover bed stool
16. Master bedroom artwork (1/2 complete see HERE!)
17. Winter sowing!

So 14 for 12 weeks...around 1 a week.  That works out well with #7 on the bloggy goals, yes??


jess said…
good morning, amy!
can you please and thank you organize and plan my life for me? and then move to ohio? (or you could do it in reverse order!)

My goal: make lists and stick to them. ;-)

thanks for the inspiration to get my hiney in gear!
Garah said…
Your goals sound lovely! After hearing yours, my goals sound so selfish. I wish you much success:)

PS-I would totally but that bumper sticker!!
Don't get pregnant. Get a puppy. If that was a sticker it would be on our cars! {I have 2 dogs, 1 cat and no kids.}
Great list - comprehensive list! I love goals!
Grace said…
I love the bumper sticker idea. I for one would buy it.
I'm a list maker too! The first thing on my list is:
Make a List of Things to do. Haven't done that one yet.
Samantha said…
it's so nice meeting you! i hope to get to know you better on TS and on our pages. you have some great goals, and your photos are lovely :)